February 14, 2010

Game Set Up - Kingston

Today's game is the first of an important home-and-home series with Divisional rivals, the Kingston Frontenacs who sit in second place in the Division just 7 points back.

So far, Kingston holds the edge on the season, winning 3 of the 5 games these two teams have played although the 67's have outscored the Fronts 17 - 13 in those 5 games.

Four Frontenacs have had success against the 67's: Fine (11 pts), Werek and Moon (8 pts each) and Odam with 7 points. Ethan Werek is expected to be out for a couple of weeks to heal a knee injury.

Lindsay (8), Toffoli (5) and Nigro (5) are the 67's who have done well against Kingston.

I know I have been commenting on the 67's specialty teams and it suddenly occurred to me that, since the 67's are the second least penalized team in the league, it kind of stands to reason that they would not necessarily have among the better PKs - they just don't get a lot of live-round practice. The Frontenacs are among the teams that get a lot of in-game practice; they are the 4th most penalized team in the league.

Ottawa 67'sHead to HeadKingston Frontenacs
28-20-4-3 63 pointsRecord26-24-1-3 56 points
2nd Eastern Rank - Conference
4th Eastern
194 GF178
172 GA200
(43/245) 17.6 (12th)
PP% (rank)(40/285) 14.0 (18th)
(50/233) 78.5 (15th)
PK% (rank)(52/272) 80.9 (4th)

Top Guns
Ottawa 67'sKingston Frontenacs
Lindsay (30-39-69)Moon (25-35-60)
Toffoli (29-30-59)Werek (24-29-53)
Martindale (16-37-53)Harnden (20-32-52)
Nigro (15-34-49)Pleckaitis (17-23-40)
Nesbitt (26-18-44)Farrell (11-22-33)

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