February 19, 2010

It Otter Have Been Closer

The 67's could not recover from a bad first period (spotting the rested opposition two PPGs) and a bad non-call from a ref. They ended up losing 5 - 2 to the Erie Otters but it was closer than the score indicates (at least for one period).

Forward Combos:
Cowick, Nigro, Nesbitt (starters)
Smith, Lindsay, Toffoli
Prince, Merrett, Carnevale,
Janes, Anderson

Zanetti, Ceci (starters)
Hartwick, Gibbons
Demers, Hanes

Goal: Perugini

Scratches: Graovac, Cuma, Martindale (injuries to all)

The 67's only took three penalties all game and they were all in the first period. The efficient Erie Otters jumped on the opportunities and scored on two of them. Actually, the Otters scored on both halves of a 4-minute high-sticking call on Ryan Hanes just over 5 minutes into the game. It was Anthony Luciani (first of what would turn out to be a hat trick night) and Greg McKegg getting Erie to the early lead. McKegg's goal was during a 5-on-3 as Nesbitt was called for hooking.

Ottawa had a few good opportunities very early, before the short penalty parade but once they were in the hole, they were not very effective. Ottawa seemed flat and tired and had trouble generating steady offensive pressure. To be fair, Erie played very well. Perugini made 14 saves to stave off the early rout.

Whatever was said in the first intermission, it worked. Well, except for the first 11 seconds. Erie gained control of the puck after the face off and it was Mike Cazzola who picked up the rebound and fired it high far side and in the net.

Ottawa shook it off and bounced back with a strong, controlled response, getting to the puck faster and getting way more pucks to the net. It paid off with a couple of very quick goals to make it a one-goal game. Corey Cowick started it with a wrist shot from the faceoff circle that beat Courchaine top shelf. Anthony Nigro set him up with a nice pass. Cody Ceci got the third assist.

And just as the in-arena announcement of the goal was finishing, Dalton Smith followed up on his own shot that Courchaine bobbled allowing Smith to tuck it in the net to cut the lead to 1. It was at the end of his shift and he was pretty gassed. Marc Anthony Zanetti was credited with an assist.

The 67's continued working hard including Perguini stoning Jeremy Gottzmann on a break away, but it was a controversial goal that may have taken the wind out of their sails. Gottzmann slid into the net and made contact with Perugini and Perugini could not get to the post for the save. This was a bad call by the officials.

So, can anyone explain why this isn't goaltender interference?

It's not as if the ref was not in a good place to see the interference

Not sure if the 67's just ran out of gas but they did not come out as strong in the third. On the other side of the rink, Erie realized that the 67's could be dangerous and stepped up their game - especially for their goalie.

Ottawa kept pouring the shots on Courchaine but very few of them were dangerous scoring chances. The Otters focused on defense, getting only 4 shots on goal. They potted an EN to make it a 5 - 2 win to start their on-the-road weekend.

Here's the game sheet.

Three Stars as selected by the Team1200

Hardest Working 67 as selected by the Team1200: Dalton Smith

Random Thoughts:
  • Former Ottawa goalie Adam Courchaine enjoyed a much better visit than the last time he was here. His team played very well in front of him and he made some good saves to preserve the win.
  • Way, way too many turn overs and unsuccessful clearing attempts.
  • I expected more outrage and energy from the 67's when Erie got that controversial 4th goal. Maybe they figured the stars (and the officials) were aligned against them. I got the distinct impression that the Otters appreciated that they got away with one. I also got the distinct impression that officials realized they goofed.
  • It went for review but the only decisions that can be made by video review are related to whether a goal is good or not.
    39.4 Situations Subject to Video Review - The following situations are subject to review by the Video Goal Judge:

    (i) Puck crossing the goal line.

    (ii) Puck in the net prior to the goal frame being dislodged.

    (iii) Puck in the net prior to, or after expiration of time at the end of the period.

    (iv) Puck directed or batted into the net by a hand or foot or deliberately bats with any part of his body. With the use of a foot/skate, was a distinct kicking motion evident? If so, the apparent goal must be disallowed. A DISTINCT KICKING MOTION is one which, with a pendulum motion, the player propels the puck with his skate into the net. If the Video Goal Judge determines that it was put into the net by an attacking player using a distinct kicking motion, it must be ruled NO GOAL. This would also be true even if the puck, after being kicked, deflects off any other player of either team and then into the net. This is still NO GOAL. See also 49.2.

    (v) Puck deflected directly into the net off an Official.

    (vi) Puck struck with a high-stick, above the height of the crossbar, by an attacking player prior to entering the goal. The determining factor is where the puck makes contact with the stick in relation to the crossbar. If the puck makes contact with the portion of the stick that is at or below the level of the crossbar and enters the goal, this goal shall be allowed.

    (vii) To establish the correct time on the official game clock, provided the game time is visible on the Video Goal Judge’s monitors.

    The video review process shall be permitted to assist the referees in determining the legitimacy of all potential goals (e.g. to ensure they are “good hockey goals”).

    Possible goaltender interference is not reviewable; the on-ice decision stands. Only the officials themselves can change the call - and that would take courage - which is not a hallmark of officials when it comes to reversing a bad call. They resort to the "make-up" call method of evening things out.
  • A cousin from Austria and her boyfriend are in town and they are hockey fans too. They noted that fans at their games are much noisier with a lot of back and forth between rival fans. It's probably due to the close proximity of the teams and the soccer influence (the game is so boring that the fans have to do something to amuse themselves so they make a lot of noise between the on-field theatrics). Their assessment of the game: the goal should not have been allowed, Erie played really well, Zanetti, Nigro, Cowick, Smith, Lindsay and Ceci all played really well for Ottawa.

More Pictures:

The Skate with the Stars honouree was hoping to be invited onto the bench

No call on this high-stick into Nesbitt's face

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