April 07, 2010

Final CSS Rankings Are Out

The final CSS Rankings are out and we have some 67's in the mix.

Ottawa's number 16, Tyler Toffoli has been ranked the 16th NA Skater. That is a healthy jump from number 22 in the mid-term rankings and likely reflects his hard work and great results in the second half of the season. A first-rounder for sure. If the draft was held today, it would put him in the drafting range of St. Louis (and team mate Anthony Nigro).

Ryan Martindale is still in first-round territory at 27th (a slight drop from mid-year).

Dalton Smith is still in the top 100 at 73 (down from 66).

And finally, Petr Mrazek has played his way up into the 25th spot on the NA goalies list.

Well done gentlemen! Great reasons to watch this year's draft (even if it's in LA).

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