April 12, 2010

The Majors Take Game 7: 5-3

Game 7 and the series goes to the Mississagua St. Michael's Majors with their 5 - 3 over the 67's at the Urbandale Centre tonight.

Forward Combos:
Cowick, Nigro, Merrett
Smith, Lindsay, Toffoli
Prince, Martindale, Nesbitt (starters)
Janes, Graovac, Carnevale

Zanetti, Cuma (starters)
Demers, Gibbons
Hanes, Ceci

Goal: Mrazek

Scratches: Harwick, Foglia, Anderson

It's a heartbreak for sure. Not going to write too much about the game. I can't say much about the goals. 5 of the 7 goals were scored where I wasn't. I'll let you read the game sheet.

Missy got a two goal jump in the first period but Ottawa got even in the second with goals from Cody Lindsay and Thomas Nesbitt. Tyler Toffoli, Marc-Anthony Zanetti, Shane Prince and Ryan Martindale had the assists.

With the game tied going into the third, and with Ottawa's record as a third period team, a win seemed possible. But to their credit, the Majors came out with the pressure in the third and scored two goals to re-establish their lead. The game winning goal actually went in off an Ottawa player. It was that kind of period.

But the team didn't give up and with under 5 minutes left in the game Ryan Martindale go the team back within one. Thomas Nesbitt and Anthony Nigro assisted.

The Majors pretty much salted the win away when Riley Brice's rebound went right to the stick of Casey Cizikas who had it past Mrazek before he could react.

And then the season ended.

Three Stars as selected by the Team1200

Hardest Working 67 as selected by the Team1200: Ryan Martindale

Random Thoughts:
  • It would be easy to point out what the 67's could have done better to win the game and the series but we really have to give credit to the Majors for being the strong team that they are. They probably didn't expect such a tough series from the 67's.
  • The 67's had quite the year - from dead last in the league to winning their division and taking round 2 to 7 games. That's quite a lot of ice to cover. And they had their share of injuries and illnesses along the way.
  • I may do a summary post later but in case I don't, Thanks to the team for an entertaining year. No one wanted it to end but only one team can win. Best wishes going ahead to all.

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