April 10, 2010

Martindale, Smith and Toffoli Invited to the Scouting Combine

From NHL.com:

The top 100 players available for the 2010 Entry Draft will meet in Toronto at the end of May for the annual NHL Scouting Combine.

The combine, which will run May 24-29, is an opportunity for teams to meet and interview prospects, as well as see them tested in an off-ice setting.


Of the top 100 players invited, 55 are players from the CHL:

25 from the OHL with Ottawa and Windsor each sending 3 players
21 from the WHL with Portland sending the most at 4
9 from the QMJHL

The next biggest contributions come from the USA High School teams with 10 and U-18 with 8 players.

Follow the like at the top of the post to see the entire list of invited players.

It's great to see Ottawa sending 3 players this year (none sent last year). It will make the draft more interesting to watch this year.

Congratulations gentlemen - your hard work has been noticed.

(But lets concentrate on the playoffs for now.)

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