July 01, 2010

67's in the NHL Entry Draft - Petr Mrazek to Detroit

Petr Mrazek went to the storied, original 6 Detroit Red Wings in the fifth round (141st overall) and just the second European goalie taken in the draft.

The brouhaha definitely diminishes in the later rounds and I don't think Petr was even at the draft so there are no draft day pictures or interviews. And pretty much all the commentary involves stuff like "don't know anything about this kid but his stats look good".

An article about their pick from Redwingcentral.com. More info from that site.

A few articles I read noted that Detroit looks to take a goalie with each draft, if there's a good one available. This article expands on that and provides some context for choosing Petr.

So, Petr is going to a solid franchise that has a good reputation for treating its players well. No idea when their development camp is (if they even have one). The Red Wings have a good reputation of finding gems and let's home they've hit a big one with this pick.

The one think I find interesting to read consistently in the few articles I have found is that Petr will be the starter for the 67's next season. Does that mean that a trade involving Perugini is in the works? Hmmm.

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