July 01, 2010

67's in the NHL Entry Draft - Tyler Toffoli to LA

The LA Kings traded up to pick Tyler Toffoli in the second round (47th overall).

His "Getting to Know...video from the combine:

And here's his pre-draft summary from NHL.com.

Here's his interview after being drafted:

An article on LA's draft day from the LA Kings site.

More stuff from the LA Site: Five Questions with Tyler Toffoli.

LA's development camp is underway but Tyler isn't partaking in on-ice (at least he didn't yesterday) apparently due to a minor injury. Not sure if it will keep him off the ice for the entire camp.

The pre- and post-draft chatter about Tyler was all pretty good but of course, like all players, he needs to improve. The one consistent knock on Tyler is on his commitment to conditioning. We all saw the Citizen article before the draft that mentioned his focus on this now. If the Kings organization could make a hard-body out of dough-boy Doughty, they will certainly know how to get Tyler into the shape he needs to be in (if he's committed to the program).

And this can only lead to good things while he is still here in Ottawa.

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