September 21, 2010

Veterans Returning to Ottawa

As NHL teams begin to trim their camp rosters in preparation for the season, 67's veterans are returning to Ottawa.

The Edmonton Oilers are sending Ryan Martindale back and the Detroit Red Wings are sending Mark Anthony Zanetti and Petr Mrazek back. I have been following some Red Wings coverage of camp and both players were doing very well. Apparently the Wings are considering signing Zanetti and have until the end of the month to do so.

Smith is still listed on the Columbus camp roster but Toffoli's status is less clear from the LA site.

While it's likely a let down for the guys returning from their NHL camps, they are not rookies here in Ottawa; they are elite veterans who can provide leadership to their team and continuing honing the skills that got them on the NHL radar in the first place.

Welcome back gentlemen, we look forward to your contributions as the season gets underway this weekend.

ya! Hockey!

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