December 30, 2010

Mrazek Finally Gets His Shut-Out: Ottawa 9 - Kingston 0

This game was over 4 minutes in when Tyler Toffoli scored the first of his 5 goals starting with a natural hat trick within about 10 minutes in the first period. Also scoring for Ottawa: Nesbitt (2), Ryan Shipley and Marc-Anthony Zanetti. Assisting in the rout: Martindale, Gibbons (2), Prince (2), Graovac, Foglia (2), Ceci (2), Linsday (2) and Smith. Whew!

Click here for the game sheet.

This is a work night so I don't have time to process all the pictures and write a decent post. Suffice it to say that this was not Kingston's finest effort where as Ottawa was on their game.

Three Stars as selected by the Team1200

Hardest Working 67's as selected by the Team1200: Marc Anthony Zanetti
Random Thoughts:
  • Kingston kept up with the shots on goal and several of them were good scoring chances that Mrazek thwarted. But as the game was winding down, he almost undid the looming shut-out on his own by mis-handling the puck and nearly putting it in his own net.
  • Both teams were short a number of players. Missing for Ottawa: Carnevale (concussion), Hanes (surgery), Monahan (U-17), Sedlak (WJHC), Fontana (concussion). For Kingston: Grubauer (WJHC), E. Gudbranson (WJHC) A. Gudbranson (U-17), Gaulton, Werek.
  • Ryan Spooner went MIA during the game (second period?). Not sure why.
  • The Ottawa rookies saw lots of ice-time in the third as the top line sat and watched most of the frame.
Click here to see more pictures from the game.

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