December 12, 2010

RST: A One Line Wrecking Crew in Ottawa's 5 - 1 Win Over Belleville

Ryan, Shane and Toffoli (the RST line) accounted for 10 of the 14 points awarded in Ottawa's 4th win over divisional rivals, the Belleville Bulls. And today the score really is the story as the 67's dominated the young Bulls all game.

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Cody Lindsay and Thomas Nesbitt played their 298th game today for the Ottawa 67's breaking the club's record and it seemed like the entire team played the game in celebration of this feat. There were no passengers in today's energetic romp at the Rona Centre.

But it was the top line that did most of the damage with Ryan Martindale getting two goals and two assists, Shane Prince with a goal and three assists, and Tyler Toffoli with 2 assists.

Julian Luciani scored a goal against his former team as well as had a scrap with Brendan Morris who was pestering Thomas Nesbitt.

And Nicholas Foglia scored his 4th goal of the season and the final goal of the game on the 67's sixth PP of the game. Cody Ceci and Sean Monahan with the assists.

The Belleville Bulls were only lacking experience. They worked hard and tried to make it a physical game but only Andy Bathgate could beat Petr Mrazek with what looked like a back-hand with his back to Mrazek that went over his shoulder.

It was a relatively quiet game for Petr Mrazek who only saw 27 shots (although there were a few that were excellent scoring chances. Meanwhile Belleville tender, Tyson Teichmann had to deal with lots of shots (44) and lots of traffic.

After the Bathgate goal, the 67's stepped it up had Belleville pinned in their zone for long stretches at at time for the rest of the game. They worked hard in the corners, along the boards, in all areas of the ice and pretty much held court. The Bulls didn't help their case with penalties.

To wrap it up, the two captains, Luke Judson and Thomas Nesbitt dropped the gloves after Judson ran Zanetti into the boards. No one got the take-down, they pretty much tired themselves out for the linesmen to safely step in.

The Ottawa 67's are now on a 7-game winning streak. They have a home and home series against Peterborough next weekend and finish on Sunday in Oshawa before a one week Christmas break.

Three Stars as selected by the Team1200

Hardest Working 67's
Hardest Working 67's as selected by the Team1200: Tyler Toffoli
Random Thoughts:
  • Very crappy weather today and still over 5000 fans out for the game.
  • Taylor Fielding was out after the hit he took in Friday's game.
  • More vuvuzeals today. They are best played far far away.
More Pictures: Click here to see more pictures from the game.


doogie said...

shouldn't RST refer to Ryan, Shane and Tyler?

Valerie said...

Of course - I knew that but my fingers typed Toffoli. Thanks for the the catch!