January 31, 2015

Brown Downs Ex-Teammate's Son, 5-0 Over Sarnia

For the first time since 1995, the Ottawa 67’s came out on top of a battle involving two consecutive first overall picks, taking a 5-0 decision over Sarnia on Friday. 

Just like Alyn McCauley’s Barberpoles did to Jeff O’Neill’s Guelph Storm 20 years ago, Travis Konecny and company took care of Jakob Chychrun’s squad.

The connections between the OHL’s most recent top pick and the 67’s runs even further back.

“Jeff Chychrun and I grew up together, he’s one of my best friends and I’ve got a lot of time for the Chychrun’s,” said Jeff Brown, coaching against the son of his minor Nepean Raiders teammate.

To have the elder Chychrun in the stands to watch his son was even more touching for Do It For Daron night, his brother-in-law being Luke Richardson.

“I have a lot of time for the Richardson's and the Chychrun's,” added Brown.  “We’re very close to the family.”

On the ice, it was never close.

Sarnia’s Taylor Dupuis, on highlight reels last week for a highlight-reel goal against in London, found a new way to get into unique highlights, a Jake Middleton shot beating him and going through the side of the net less than a minute into the game.

The goal was obviously disallowed, but the 67’s didn’t let up.

Despite a man advantage that appeared non-existent during their first two powerplays, they got enough chances and finally broke through.

Brendan Bell and Nathan Todd scored in the first, while Trent Mallette and Jeremiah Addison tallied in the second.

Liam Herbst held down the fort while Todd potted his second of the game.

Incident-riddled ending

Brown sent out his fourth line, having a great cycling game, to kill out the clock, where a Joshua Chapman flying elbow knocked out Ben Fanjoy.

The headshot marred what was otherwise a near-perfect home game.

“I’m so passionate about it because I lost my career because of it, that’s got to get out the game,” said an irate Brown, also referring to Stephen Pierog’s check to the head of Travis Barron in the second period.

“That gutless stuff to the game has to get out.”

Brown, tough enough to battle a flesh-eating disease in his final NHL season, was done in by post-concussion syndrome.

The cheapshot wasn’t the start or the end of the Sting’s antics on the night.

At the final buzzer, Jordan Kyrou shot the puck at the celebrating 67’s, inadvertently hitting a linesman.  Brandon Lindberg traded words and challenged a number of 67’s before heading off the ice.

Sarnia will take their potentially suspension-riddled team to Kingston tomorrow night, while the 67’s take on Peterborough.

Three Stars as selected by TSN1200

Hardest working 67's:  Travis Konecny
Hardest Working 67's: Travis Konecny 

 Some pictures from the game: 

Synchronized celebration by Brendan Bell and Travis Konecny

Ben Fanjoy, before the head shot from Sarnian's Chapman that took him out of the game.
Ben Fanjoy before he had to leave the game following a hit to the head by Sarnia's Joshua Chapman

Sarnia's Chapman looking like he's going to launch a hit similar to the one he laid on Fanjoy near the end of the game.
Sarnia's Joshua Chapman looking like he's ready to launch a hit similar to the one that took Ben Fanjoy out of the game.

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