October 16, 2015

67's Play To Strengths, Win With Three Forwards In 3-on-3 OT

It took some breaking of preconceived opinions to do so, but the Ottawa 67's were able to pick up their first overtime win in the 3-on-3 era, their fifth consecutive win on the year.
Perhaps the biggest fear of the 3-on-3 format is that, while it's being used to phase out the shootout, essentially a skills contest, that the extra period would still be a skills contest.

With glory-hungry teenaged players and that much open ice, who would ever want to pass the puck?

And of the players on the ice to pass the puck and set up the game winner, it was the player from Russia, a country oft-maligned for wanting to hog the offensive spotlight.

But on Thursday, it was Artur Tyanulin making the unselfish play to get the puck to Austen Keating, winning the game on a breakaway.

Keating, who had scored earlier in the game, saw himself in a situation that most rookies wouldn't, playing in overtime.  

Ottawa sent three forwards and no defencemen over the boards in the fourth period, although judging by the 67's strengths and weaknesses on the depth chart, Jeff Brown probably wanted any excuse to dress as many forwards as possible.

Brown improves to 2-0-1 in his coaching career against son Logan.

The Barberpoles continue their roadtrip tonight in Flint.

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