March 16, 2016

67's lose Lazarev, gain ground on Eastern Conference

The 67's picked up another two points on Tuesday night, although given their success against Barrie's goaltending perhaps it would've been in their best interest to drop in the standings.
While the last three games of jockeying should be Ottawa's prerogative to avoid Mississauga, with 67-killer Jack Flinn, and to an extent Niagara and Alex Nedeljkovic, they had no problem beating another top-end netminder in Mackenzie Blackwood.

Despite being held to the perimeter for the better part of the first fourty minutes, the Barberpoles beat Blackwood four times on their first 15 shots, including Connor Graham scoring on a circus shot from behind the net, eventually holding up as the game winner.

If Ottawa can pick up a first round win, another first-round upset would probably pit them against Barrie, and if they can shell Blackwood as they did tonight they'll be in luck.

Lazarev Injury

Barrie wasn't the only team having issues between the pipes.

Looking on from just beyond the glass behind Liam Herbst as he got the win was Leo Lazarev, injured in a second-period collision.

According to the team it's a day-to-day problem with his left leg.

With 44 starts under his belt already this year, sitting out the last three could be in their best interest.

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