November 18, 2016

Sudden temporary shakeup of 67's coaching staff

News broke late last night that put a halt in Jeff Brown's coaching career. After leading the Ottawa 67’s back to the playoffs including two straight appearances, his team has recently struggled to remain a .500 team. Effective yesterday, Brown has (temporarily) stepped down from behind the bench for an indefinite amount of time.

At this time, it is unknown the reasoning for Jeff Brown to step down and if he will return. In the meantime, it will likely be Mike Eastwood and Brad Brown who take over the Ottawa 67's head coaching roles.

Jeff Brown has also been absent from the bench for a couple periods throughout this season. He missed the 67's last game on the road in Oshawa on Sunday. At that time it was reported that he had suffered from flu like symptoms and was not on the bench due to a precautionary measures.

As more details become public, we will keep you up to date with this story.

The 67's look to extend their 4-game winning streak to 5 on the road in Niagara tonight and in Barrie on Tuesday.

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