March 28, 2017

Round 1 Game 3: Steelheads win back home-ice advantage with 2-1 win

Noel Hoefenmayer and the rest of his Ottawa 67’s know they can’t dwell on one game.

“It’s a long series,” the top-defenseman said after Ottawa’s 2-1 regulation loss. “You’ve just got to forget about it and move on to the next.”

He isn’t wrong. The 67’s will have a day of rest to regroup and try to head into game 5 with a 2-2 series tie.

In the last two games, the 67’s have done a great job so far standing up against the highest scoring team in the Eastern Conference limiting them to only 2 goals. However, scoring is something that has plagued them in this series so far.

“We score one 5-on-3 goal and that was really all the offense that we created which was disappointing,” said Head Coach Jeff Brown. “We got to find a way to generate more (offense) 5-on-5.”

It looked like it was set up to be a low scoring game from the beginning with both goaltenders making some fantastic saves. It wasn’t until early in the second period that either team saw any offense. Michael McLeod scored off a perfect feed from Spencer Waston just 10 seconds in.  

Hoefenmayer would score the 67’s lone goal 7 minutes later on a lengthy 2-man advantage. The NHL draft eligible prospect was left all alone at the bottom of the faceoff circle.  Unfortunately for Ottawa, Jacob Cascagnette would score and regain the Steelheads 1-goal lead.

That would be enough for the Steelheads as they would hang on to a 2-1 win. The win means they now lead the opening playoff series 2-1 and won back home-ice advantage.

“We’re disappointed with the result. I thought a lot of our guys played really hard. Not as hard as in game 2 and that’s the difference,” said Brown. “That's a really good hockey club and we've got to bring our best if we expect to win.”

The 67’s and Steelheads are idle tomorrow but will be right back at it on Thursday at 7pm.

  • Game summary here.


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