August 27, 2004

Pre-season Tickets Have Arrived

Pre-season tickets arrived in the mail today. StatsGuy was just asking if I had heard anything about picking up tickets. When I checked the mail, there they were. Another sign that the season is fast approaching.

The enclosed form letter from Jeff Hunt outlined the various changes that we can expect for this season, including the new theatre-style seats in the Civic Centre. These seats have reduced the overall number of seats due to their increased width, and some seat numbers no longer exist. [I'm curious to see if our seat space has decreased, as our section - 21 - had wider spacing than many other sections.]

Also, Hunt mentioned the veterans that would be returning (Will Colbert, Bryan Bickell, Kyle Wharton, Peter Tsimikalis, and Julian Talbot), and the two new "European sensations" (Lukas Kaspar, and Jakub Petruzalek). No over-ager was mentioned (Jeremy Akeson, Greg Goodnough, and Brody Todd). Interesting. Training camp decision, I guess. Also, no goalie mentions (Danny Battochio and Anthony Guadagnolo). One notable absence is Corey Locke, though most have assumed he would be moving on to bigger and better.

The Season Ticket Holder Pick-up Night will be on Tuesday September 28 from 1700 to 2000h at the Civic Centre.

I'll be interested to see how the 67s will be affected by the upcoming NHL lock-out. Ottawa is a hockey crazy city and I think that if there is no NHL, people will come to see the 67s play. Here's to another season of record-setting attendance.

Can't wait.

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