October 13, 2004

Comedy Of Errors

Well, things are off to a rocky start for the 67s. Apparently a comedy of errors, according to Killer. He also had this to say:
"This defence that we're playing with right now may be one of the (most) discouraging group of six that I've ever had to coach.

"If it's not one thing, it's something else. Whether they're turning it over or can't get it out, this defence is just not working."
Oh boy. And he also said this:
"I think we've got too many guys here who are just happy to go along and playing the pace they're playing," he said. "It's not good enough. I think attitude is one thing, and their desire level is another.

"It's discouraging because I've seen a lot of teams that lost, but at least they went down working. I don't see the same thing here. We don't have anyone stepping up."
Oh boy. You know it's bad when . . .

. . . the coach is saying this to the media (both print and radio --- I heard Killer in an interview the other day).

. . . the coach says you may be the most discouraging group he's ever seen, when he's been coaching for 30-odd years.

. . . the coach is talking about his veteran players, not the rookies!

. . . the only praise he has for any of his players are the 2 Czech players, who have never played in the OHL before this season, are not defense-minded (and tend to contribute to the problem when they leave their own end zone before the defence can get the puck out to them), and who can't speak English.

. . . the only good thing the coach has to say about any of the veterans, is that "Bickell scored a couple of goals the other night."

. . . the coach says their attitude is poor. Ouch.

Oh boy.

Can't say that any of what Killer has said is surprising. (The fact that he said it, yes.) StatsGuy and I both noticed the sloppy and unorganized play, and the many penalties. To be fair, there were some flashes of excitement coming from Battachio, Kaspar, and Petruzalek. I think that Tsimikalis and Joslin also had some good games.

So, tonight they are playing Belleville, who are 5 and 2. They are currently the best in the division. Guadagnolo will be starting in goal. Aitcheson will be out with a possible groin pull, but I think that Kaspar, Reid, and Lawrance will be back. The game will be on The TEAM 1200.

Let's hope that the 67s do something to get themselves out of this rut.

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