October 14, 2004

Post-game Interview With The Coach

This morning on The TEAM 1200 Sportscall, Killer talked about the game last night in Belleville. Here are some of the things he had to say:

Kaspar is still coming back from his injury, otherwise he would have been more dynamic. Petruzalek and Kaspar work very well together; each knows where the other will be on the ice. The problem with the two, is that the third person on the line doesn't know where they're going. Killer's not sure who to put with them: the best forward (who can keep up with them) or a really good defensive forward. "Poor Tsimikalis" played with the two last night, and he kept up. Killer said he was the best player on the ice for the 67s last night.

Regarding the play of the veterans: he is not sure what is happening with Mancari this year. Mancari had such a good year last year (with Locke), but he is not dangerous this year.

Killer said that you can't ask the rookies to do all the work. The veterans and over-agers are not out-playing the opponents. They should be doing this, not the rookies. The rookies are still trying to adjust to the OHL game, learning new skills, etc.

Killer said he is looking at the wires everyday. He may need to give up a draft pick, but whatever the cost, he said the team needs more offence. He said: "Maybe I can pry a good forward off some team for someone I've got, but it won't be any of the rookies [that go]."

There are not a lot of over-agers this year. P-borough has one, and he is hurt. Numerous teams (like the 67s) are playing with 2, when 3 are allowed. He is not sure why this is, considering the NHL lock-out and its effects on the feeder teams (AHL etc.). He thought that there might be more over-agers available.

Killer said the 67s have a good defence when healthy. The concern he has, is that they have no one who can run the power play. The forwards are not working hard enough to get open, and to make passes. Some of the veterans and over-agers are not contributing to the same extent as other teams' veteran players. He said that during the power play last week, the 67s couldn't get the puck from the blue line to the net. They were constantly turning the puck over, and it was very discouraging. Someone fights hard to get puck out of the corner, only to have the advantage squandered by a bad shot that is deflected.

No one has stepped up as a leader. Killer said: "We can't get out of our end, never mind theirs."

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