January 21, 2005

For The Love Of Your Children, People - CHILL!

Absolute craziness.

TORONTO -- Bradley Stephen Desrocher covered his face and raced like a bat out of hell to a waiting vehicle after being released on bail yesterday on charges he choked the coach of his son's hockey team. "A man attended his son's Minor Atom AAA hockey game at Chesswood Arena. When his son was benched for missing team practices the man became angry and started voicing his displeasure loudly to the coach of the team," Toronto Police Const. Wendy Drummond said in a news release.

"He approached the player's bench, continuing to yell at the coach, then reached over the plexiglas and grabbed the coach around the throat," the statement said. "Several attempts were made by witnesses to stop the attack but were unable to before the victim collapsed to the floor."

Chill, people. Chill.

A hockey dad charged with assaulting his son's minor hockey coach last Sunday has been slapped with an unprecedented five-year ban from the Greater Toronto Hockey League's arenas.

[. . .]

J.J. Lyon, an assistant coach on the team, thought the ban should have been longer.

"The kids have been good and the parents better," said Lyon, who himself has a son on the team. "My son has adjusted and understands what has happened. The kids on the team are all okay."

Lyon, who was on the bench at the time, said the incident remains vivid.

"If you saw the rage in his eyes ... it's so unfathomable," Lyon said.

You know who suffers the worst here? The child, the son. Can you imagine having to go back to the team – to your coaches, your teammates, the other players’ parents - after your DAD choked your coach UNCONSCIOUS?

That, my friends, is what you call a life changing moment in a child’s most impressionable young life. I hope that he gets through it. I hope the team does not hold him accountable for his father’s actions.

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