January 21, 2005

London v Peterborough, SMACKDOWN!

Well, it sounds like London is not getting an easy ride on their Eastern road trip (L to BEL, 2-1), (L to PET, 6-2).

And by all reports [LFP][PE], it sounds like they had one wild ride last night in Peterborough – Coach Todd’s 500th, mass penalties, line brawls, goalie fight, 'manhandling' linesman, fan/London player/police scuffle . . . whew. Biz-zay!

Congratulations to Coach Todd for his 500th career win. [OHL]

The NOOF thread is 20 pages long, for Pete's sake (yeah - bad pun) Petes vs London !! Someone was kind enough to post vid clips of the fights in question, including the fan/player scuffle, although it’s hard to make anything out of them without the context of the whole game.

I can’t believe I’m writing this, but c’mon Kingston! Let’s keep this Eastern smackdown going! (Which may be entirely possible, with the suspensions some London players - Foreman, Thomson, Dennis - are likely to receive.)

** UPDATE by Sid 1.22.2005, 0200h **
The Knights avenged their poor record to date, beating the Fronts 5-0!!! And, there were only 3 penalties a side - interesting - and of the roughing variety. [OHL]

** UPDATE #2 by Sid 1.22.2005, 1520h **
Does controversy follows this London team, or what? Kingston plans on protesting the game last night, after they discovered early on in the first period that an ineligible London player was on the ice, who was then allowed to remain for the first period (assisting with, and scoring goals) before being ejected for the remainder of the game. (Run-on anyone?) An article in the LFP by Jim Cressman (Knights snap back into winning mode), states:

Kingston general manager Larry Mavety said he will likely protest that Knights centre Dan Fritsche was allowed to play the first period, even though 1:25 into the game Frontenacs coach Jim Hulton drew the attention of the two referees, Ryan O'Neill and Rob Palm, to the fact Fritsche's name was not on the lineup sheet submitted by the Knights.

The referees let Fritsche continue and he assisted on the Knights' first goal by Adam Perry at 2:55, then scored a goal himself at 18:42.

It was during the first intermission that the officials notified the Knights that Fritsche could no longer play.

OHL rules only allow teams to protest player eligibility and Fritsche's situation may qualify under the criteria.

The Knights coaching staff said it was a "clerical error."

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