March 21, 2005

Interview With The Captain, “I hope that it’s a battle because that’s what playoffs are all about.”

Notes from his usual post-w/e interview on TEAM 1200/Dave Gross and Garry Galley, Will Colbert had the following to say [paraphrasing]:

Who did you think you would play: Tough to say. I thought that we would play Brampton, but that was just a gut feeling.

Similar records between 67s and Colts: Yeah definitely, we have a good record against them this year. I think we’re 3 and 1 . They have a lot of fire power up front, but so do we. I think it will be a good series.

No hate between the 67s and the Colts: Yeah, I think that’s because we haven’t seen them in the playoffs in the last few years.

On the Colts: They have Bryan Little, Rob Hisey, BJ Crombeen. A lot of good forwards. And some solid defencemen. Not sure about the nets, but an all around good team.

On the match up: If we can get our 3rd line going, the two Europeans, then I think we’ll be okay because no other team can match up their 3rd line like ours. And if we get good goaltending, it’ll be good. I hope that it’s a battle because that’s what playoffs are all about.

On Guadagnolo’s and Battochio’s records over the season: I’m pretty confident that we’ve got the game in the net.

Need to work harder in your own end: We’ll be up for it for sure. Guys drive to the net a little harder in the playoffs. I mean, you could be in it for a week or you could be longer.

On where they will play and do they like playing at Corel Centre: I’m not certain when we will be able to get back into the Civic Centre. We’re definitely more comfortable in the Civic Centre. We can get a bigger crowd at the Corel Centre, but we’re definitely more comfortable in the Civic Centre.

Practices this week: A light skate today. I imagine we’ll leave for Barrie the day before. [/paraphrasing]

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