April 21, 2005

Conference Finals Pre-Game 1 News And Notes

Well, it’s ROUND 3, and here we are – still blogging. There were many times throughout the season that I had some doubts that we’d be watching hockey in April this year, but of course knowing who the coach is, I’m not entirely surprised.

All I can say is I love hockey in the springtime – the warmer it gets and you’re still cheering on your team, the better the feeling. When you can go the rink in just a T-shirt and jersey . . . AH! Playoff hockey. I love it.

I haven’t blogged any of the latest news this week, but I have been keeping track of it all and will include it in this big pre-game post.

Just took a quick look at my recaps from the reg season meetings with Peterborough – very up and down. MacDougald did a good job for them, and Guadagnolo was in the nets for Ottawa. The last game against Peterborough was that horribly-reffed game. Thank whoever that ‘he’ has not reffed any of the playoff games.

(News And Notes From 4.21.2005)

* From the Ottawa Sun Barre Campbell writes, Hulit has General dislike of Petes. It looks like Battochio and the 67s will finally get a goaltending challenge:

The last three of those Petes wins came with goalie Jeff MacDougald in net, including a 38-save performance on Feb. 10 during a 2-1 decision.

"He's had a fantastic year for them," said Ottawa coach Brian Kilrea. "You don't end up challenging for first place over the course of 68 games without having a good goalie."

And some disappointing news on Reid:

67's defenceman Elgin Reid, who has an ankle sprain, will likely miss the entire series.

Again, not surprising, but he will definitely be missed.

* Also from the Ottawa Sun and Barre Campbell, 'It's not a great town'. Ah, Bickell, I know of what you speak (having my own close ties to the area) . . . but way to give the competition some fuel for the fire.

* From the Globe and Mail Tim Wharnsby writes, Old rivals square off in OHL Eastern final. Another great article on the duelling coaches. Good stuff.

* From the Peterborough Examiner Mike Davies writes, Coaches worried about potent offences.

* And what are the fans saying? Looking at Noofer PetesSection9Fan:

I just hope Killer brings his nitro-glycerin pills to Peterborough tonight. He has gotten a little irate at his team this year in our building and has turned many shades of red behind the bench.[sic]

He/she’s right on that.

If I remember accurately, this is the first time the Peterborough colour/play guys were very vocal in their criticisms of Killer. (Yep . . . just checked. The TEAM 1200 broadcast of the first period was pre-empted for NFL, so we listened online to the Peterborough call [link], and were treated to this lovely statement: “We all know that Killer’s got a nice understanding with the refs around the league.”)

Noofer This PUKS4You responds:

[. . .] Just you all remember who you are and where you are and what you wrote here.......then when Ottawa beats Peterboro we'll all meet back in my Ottawa kitchen for a slice of HUMBLE PIE.

Just a side note to all those who think Ottawa has this power over the OHL....
Don't you wish you wore the pants of Kilrea with pockets so friggin deep they hold all the CASH, the REFS, the OHL and probably even your own coach as well......
didn't you know Kilrea paid off the COLTS and the WOLVES...and he'll end up paying the PETES off as well...ahh what a life, to own and control the OHL and Mr. Branch... [sic]

Oh, and it’s ON! Noofer Danny Tanner responds:

Humble Pie? It's about time somebody knocked Ottawa off of their high-horse and took over the east. You can come over to my place and we'll watch the OHL Finals and Mem Cup together..[sic]

Love it!

(News And Notes From 4.20.2005)

* The League is introducing video replay for goals for this round. (Via OHL):

OHL to use Video Goal Judge in Conference and League Championships

Created: Apr 20, 2005

The Ontario Hockey League today announced that a video goal judge will be utilized to review all goals during the 2005 OHL SportChek Conference Championships and the OHL Championship Series.

The video goal judge will view all games from the league's head office in Scarborough, Ontario and will be in direct contact with league appointed officials at each game.

"The fact that all of our remaining playoff games will be broadcast live on Rogers and Cogeco Cable and are available on the OHL Action Pak gives us the unique opportunity to utilize a video goal judge system," said OHL Commissioner David Branch. "This system provides the league with another resource to assist the consideration process on any disputed goals."

All of the remaining games in the OHL playoffs will be broadcast live on Rogers and Cogeco Cable in their local markets and are available across Ontario and New Brunswick on the OHL Action Pak.

The SportChek OHL Conference Championships open on Thursday with the Peterborough Petes hosting the Ottawa 67's and the London Knights hosting the Kitchener Rangers.

More on this from Jim Cressman [LFP] (OHL to use replays), and Terry Koshan [TS] OHL to use video judge.

* From the Peterborough Examiner Mike Davies writes, Opposing goalies know how to survive adversities.

(News And Notes From 4.19.2005)

* From the Ottawa Citizen Chris Yzerman writes, Familiarity with Petes makes 67's wary. A quote:

"I know all the boys in the (dressing) room are pumped up to play Peterborough," 67's left-winger Bryan Bickell said. "They beat us in the season series, but the season series doesn't matter any more."

* From the Ottawa Sun writes, 67's-Petes renewing hot rivalry.

* And from the Peterborough Examiner Mike Davies writes, Legends about to clash in Eastern Conference final. Snippet:

Two junior hockey coaching legends will clash in the OHL Eastern Conference final.

Ottawa 67’s coach/GM Brian Kilrea, 71, the winningest coach in CHL history faces Peterborough Petes’ Dick Todd, 59, who possesses the CHL’s highest career winning percentage. They are also the two winningest active CHL coaches.

“It’s nice that we’re both still alive and kicking,” chuckled Todd. “The combined age of the two of us is 130 years of age. I’ve said that Killer only looks like he’s 30 so I must look like I’m 100.”

Kilrea is quick with the wit, too.

“I just hope I look as good as he does when I’m as old as him,” Kilrea says, with a laugh.

This is going to be a great series!

* Checking out Noof today, it seems like the Petes’ fans are having trouble getting tickets. [link]. Now that we’re to the conference finals, it seems like tickets are going fast. I think that London was sold-out before they even knew who they’d be facing, and I’ve heard from RangersFan that they are making people buy tickets in person in Kitchener – no phone sales. Good news for all the teams, both monetarily and considering how much fan support means to the home team, but understandably frustrating.

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