April 27, 2005

Conference Finals Pre-Game 4 News And Notes

One win. One win and they move on to the OHL Championships, and possibly, likely, the Memorial Cup. Will we finally get to see what Peterborough can do? They have nothing left to lose, so I expect them to lay it all on the ice tonight. This has the makings of being the best game of the series. I can’t wait . . .

*A wonderful piece on Chris Hulit in the Ottawa Citizen by Wayne Scanlan today (67's honest shooter). Snippets:

This would complete a lovely rags-to-riches story for Hulit, an undrafted, unheralded former Oshawa General who has been lights out -- and lights on -- since arriving in Ottawa on Dec. 2 in a trade for centre Peter Tsimikalis.

We’re so happy to have him!

*From the Ottawa Sun Don Brennan writes, London calling. A captainly comment from Captain Colbert:

"We knew they had firepower to begin with," said captain Wil Colbert. "We took some unnecessary penalties and they took advantage. But I'm not sure they gained a lot of momentum from that (rally).

"To score three late goals and still lose, I think would be even more frustrating."

Take that, Peterborough.

*From the Peterborough Examiner Mike Davies writes, Winning four not impossible. Snippets:

Dawson says the club has to start with the desperation they had at the end of Game 3.

“We have to go into the game with a little bit of an attitude and play a little more desperate,” said Dawson. “I think we showed in the third period we can get to the goalie and it’s just a matter of getting a little traffic. We have to look at it like any other game but knowing it’s a must-win. We have to play like there is no tomorrow which, if we don’t play well, there won’t be a tomorrow. It’s a harsh reality we have to face.”

Petes’ head coach Dick Todd said his club has to be better prepared.

“We have to be prepared that the crowd is going to be into it,” Todd said, “and they’re going to be hungry to put us away. We have to be ready for that right from the start.”

Todd is also concerned about officiating. A quick whistle in Game 3 cost the Petes a goal which might have led to a different outcome.

“It will be critical we get fair refereeing in the ensuing games in Ottawa,” he said. “With the crowd behind their hockey team, that’s not going to be easy. Having said that, if we can keep our composure and keep our discipline, it can be done.”

*From Peterborough This Week Mike Lacey writes, It's gut check time. Snippet:

"Our inability to score even strength goals is critical," Todd says, adding credit should go to the 67s' lineup for playing stellar defensive hockey.

In fact, the Petes have only managed one goal while playing five-on-five hockey. The remainder of their scoring punch has come on the power-play.

"To have one even strength goal in three games, you're not going to win too many games," he says.

He admits the lack of scoring has frustrated his go-to guys and that, in turn, breeds a further lack of production.

[. . .]

"We have to try and stay positive and making sure that if 20 guys come and are prepared to put it all on the line, to work hard and play to the best of their abilities, we can win a hockey game," he says.

After all, he adds, the 67s have won three in a row, so why can't the Petes?

What a great coach!

*From the Ottawa Sun Nelly Elayoubi writes, Stick it to 'em!.

*From the Ottawa Citizen, 67's try to focus on the positive [Sub req].

*Another sell-out. Everyone’s getting the playoff fever.

*Peter Loubardias on TEAM 1200/Dave Gross and Garry Galley talked about what a job Killer has done. He said this could be Killer’s best accomplishment – what he’s done with this team and where they are right now.

*And this is reassuring. I was a little concerned that they might move over to the Corel Centre for the OHL finals – not a good move for a lot of reasons. Via 67s’ BB, poster theognete:

Also, I heard Jeff Hunt on Y101 this morning and he was asked directly if he was wishing he had booked the Corel for the playoffs and he replied with an emphatic NO. He said that the 67sn fans like the Civic Center and the players know it, feel comfortable there and play their best hockey there and he wanted to do all he could to enhance their chances of on-ice success. [Sic]

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