April 27, 2005

Interview With Brad Staubtiz, “Discipline is a big key.”

Notes from an interview with Brad Staubitz on the TEAM 1200/Dave Gross and Garry Galley this morning. Dave said that they’ve had Brad on prior to games, and that he’s 5-0 in pre-game chats. “It’s part of the routine now.” Some quick thoughts from Brad:

He said that the guys are itching to get going [along with everyone else in Ottawa!] “All the guys yesterday, we had a practice, and everyone just wanted to get going to the next game. It’s an unbelievable time of the year.”

“It’s the little things that we’ve been doing in the games.”

“We have to look back and realize what we’re doing.”

He talked a little about the problems in the last half of the third period of Game 3. He said, “Discipline is a big key. We gave them too many PP. That four minute, and then I took one.”

He went on to say that, “It’s the little things. You just need to bear down and do your job. Don’t be caught dreaming or not focusing.”

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