April 27, 2005

Interview With Brad Bonello, “Guys like me and Staubitz have a lot of emotion.”

Summary of an interview with Brad Bonello on the TEAM 1200/Dave Gross and Garry Galley this morning. [paraphrasing]

(Went to the playoffs with Erie Otters – how important was the experience) It was great experience for me. I learned from some very good players like Boyse, Colaiacovo. I’ve only made it to the playoffs one time, and it was the greatest time of my life. I just try to keep telling the boys that. We’re one win away from the Memorial cup and the greatest time of our lives.

(On keeping his emotions controlled) For first game I would say I had it in the back of my head. I didn’t want to be the goat, the guy that cost the team the win. After the win I started to get back to my normal self. I just try to keep myself under control. Guys like me and Staubitz have a lot of emotion.

(“Team of Rejects”) Guys like me, Van Herpt, Jarram, Staubitz, we’re the team of has-beens and rejects. We have fun with it in the dressing room. We’ve come to Ottawa as a group and we’re having fun here. It’s brought a lot of fun back into the game for me, to be in the playoffs again. It was a bonus to come to Ottawa. We keep instilling in ourselves that nobody wanted us, teams didn’t want us, and we want to prove that we can do it.

(On Killer) He lets me be creative and that’s one thing that many teams don’t let you be. They have a really strict system. He just asks that you come to the rink every night and work hard for him. And I think that’s why Ottawa has done so well over the years. They let their skilled players and guys who want to be, be creative.

(On the improved defensive play by all) That’s one of the things we’ve really noticed. A lot of guys are giving 110% in their own end. Guys that on any other team would be their skilled players are going down to block shots. That sends a message to the rookies. These guys in their 3rd years are dropping down to blocks shots for us. We try to make the rookies feel comfortable, but we tell them they’re not rookies anymore. They’ve played a full season.

(On the last 10 minutes of third period in Game 3 and winning Game 4) We realize that we had a lack of discipline in that game. A lot of us sat back and they took it to us. It gave some of us a shock seeing how Peterborough can play, and that if we make a mistake they can capitalize on it. And that it could turn the series around. We respect Peterborough but we don’t want to respect them too much because we’re a good team as well. If we play with a sense of urgency tonight, and get our fans into it right away, we have a good chance to do it.

(Is it hard to not think about the Memorial Cup?) That’s one thing that we 3rd and 4th year guys say in the dressing room. We’re one win away from the Memorial Cup. It’s hard to look past it, but I’m sure a lot of guys in the room want to finish this series. We have a lot of leaders saying it’s not over ’til it’s over. Look at what happened with the Sault Ste. Marie series when Windsor came back. I know that I personally, and Akeson and Staubitz personally, want to extend our junior careers as far as we can go.

Some rapid fire questions – and responses:
The best shot in the league – Corey Perry
The best skater in the league – Jakub Petruzalek
The one player you despise, biggest annoyance – I don’t despise anyone. I’d have to say myself.
The character on the team, who cracks you up – Lawrance
Favourite music – everything, [clarification] a little bit of everything, except opera
Best movie on the bus – We don’t watch movies; Killer watches golf
Best golf on the bus – The Masters
Favourite food – chicken something, [sounded like parmesan]
Jessica Simpson or Lindsay Lohan – Jessica Simpson
Brad Staubitz or Zach Stortini – Brad Staubitz


Bonello [4.11.2005].
Bonello [4.23.2005].

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