April 01, 2005

Interview With Brad Staubitz, “We have to be defensive minded.”

Notes from an interview with Brad Staubitz on the TEAM 1200/Dave Gross and Garry Galley today (4.1.2005).

Staubitz said the team was looking forward to the game tonight. He talked about the game winning goal with seconds left to play in Wednesday night’s game. “We’re pretty excited after that win at home. We thought we were going to have to go into overtime. We got a good bounce, and it was a good team building experience.”

Staubitz acknowledged the inconsistent play, stating that with just the three games played, they’ve had both highs and lows. And on the last game he said, “ . . . we had some lapses. Consistency is going to be key in this game.”

He went on to give Barrie credit. “Barrie, they’re an explosive team if we give them chances . . . they’re going to bury them.” He mentioned Hisey and Little as key offensive players.

He said that the defence gave Barrie many chances. “We definitely have to come back, and especially with guys like Hisey we need to have that. We have to be defensive minded.”

Forgot to mention this article on Staubitz in the Ottawa Sun by Barre Campbell, Staubitz gives 67's bite. Positive words from the coach are always good:

"He's just great. He's a leader in the room," said Kilrea. "He's so respected and feared, and he's solidified our team."

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