April 02, 2005

ROUND 1 GAME 4 – Barrie at Ottawa (1-Apr) – Ottawa Wins, Lead Series 3-1

The 67s win 6-4 over the Colts, taking the series lead 3 games to 1. Lots of goal scoring, especially in the first period. Similar to Game 3, there was controversy from Barrie’s pov on the game winning goal. They argued that the puck was kicked in the net by Talbot. I think that the puck went off his leg as he attempted to get his stick on it. But, I can see how Barrie would be upset. Also bad news for Barrie: Kaspar laid one hell of a check on Little-BAR, which took him out of the game. It looked like a clean hit to me – actually it reminded me of the infamous Naslund/Moore hit. Little had his head down and was bent over his stick as he was skating with the puck. Kaspar’s upper arm/shoulder hit Little in the side of the head/neck area. Not a nice thing to see. He laid motionless on the ice for some time, and then was helped off the ice to the dressing rooms. He looked like he had no idea where he was, and was having trouble standing.

I thought that Staubitz played a great game, along with Talbot and Hulit. Battochio had a shaky start, but settled down. This was definitely a better showing by the whole team. It was good to see the Akeson/Petruzalek/Kaspar line produce. On the other side, Barrie worked hard as well. They started off strong, scoring first, getting the lead back in the first time after time. Lucky for Ottawa, the bounces went their way and Battochio is better in net than LaCosta. Both make a huge difference in the playoffs.

The sports pundits have been talking this week about the amount of ice time both Hisey and Little are getting (around 30 minutes/game), and questioned how long these two could keep it up. I mean, they’ve got to run low on the energy at some point, and as someone pointed out on a Noof thread, Little is only 17 – he’s still a kid. Injuries are going to happen when fatigue sets in. But after last night, with Little’s injury, the line up will have to change. We’ll see what Coach Williamson puts together for Game 5.

While I am very happy that the 67s have gone up 3-1 in the series by winning both home games, it’s unfortunate that they were both won in such a way that the other team felt they were not legitimate/fair (highstick in game 3, kicking in game 4). I can imagine how upset the Ottawa fans would be if the situation were reversed. Also, losing Little is a big problem for Barrie. Emotions are always high in playoffs, and winning is key, but you never want to see someone hurt like that.

See OHL game summary here.

From the Ottawa Citizen Chris Yzerman writes, 67's really cooking at home. From the Ottawa Sun Barre Campbell writes, 67's wrangle Colts. While replays showed no kicking motion on Talbot’s game winning goal, Coach Williamson was upset with the call:

Barrie coach Marty Williamson had an different opinion.

"It's unbelievable that can happen to us twice here," he said, referring to last night's goal and the game-winner on Wednesday scored in the dying moments by Mark Mancari.

The Colts claimed Mancari knocked the puck down with a high stick before scoring on a rebound.

"It was a questionable high stick here on Wednesday night, and (last night) it doesn't even seem that questionable on the kick in," said Williamson.

"But there's nothing you can do about it. It's just a real bad break. Between that, and some of the other calls, it just doesn't seem there's any justice to what happened to us here."

And a good quote from Talbot, the hero of Game 4:

"It's exciting to win like that. It's exciting for the fans, and all the boys, it just gets us to play with more confidence," said Talbot. "It gives us the confidence to come through and win big games like this."

Also from the Ottawa Sun Don Brennan writes, Sniper's hit rocks the Kaspar. From SLAM! Sports, 67's up 3-1 over Colts. And finally, from the Barrie Examiner Gene Pereira writes, A Little more than just a loss. This gives us Barrie’s pov:

But the 67’s, like they did in Game 3 here Wednesday night, came right back to score the winner on a controversial goal.

Off a two-on-one, LaCosta stopped Hulit’s shot, but the puck bounced to Talbot, who replays showed, turned his foot to the side and with his leg moving forward, directed the puck in.

Referee Brad Beer denied the Colts protests that the goal was kicked in, and Hulit scored into an empty net with 19 seconds remaining to ice the win.

“It’s unbelievable that can happen to us twice in here,” said Williamson, who was still steaming about the winning goal after the game. “It was a questionable high stick here on Wednesday night (on the winning goal) and tonight it doesn’t even seem that questionable (on) the kick in. But there’s just nothing you can do about it. It’s just a real bad break. Between that, and some of the other calls, it just doesn’t seem there’s any justice to what happened to us here.”

The game was broadcast on radio (TEAM 1200/Dave Schreiber and AJ Jakubec) and television (Rogers Television Barrie/Scott MacArthur, Ed Hand, and Lee Versage).

*Forwards: McGinn, Talbot, Hulit (started); Bickell, Bonello, Mancari; Akeson, Petruzalek, Kaspar; Lawrance, Ouellette, VanderVeeken [4.2.2005 edit: switched Bickell and Akeson - forget to do this when posted original].
*Defensive pairings: Colbert, Joslin; Staubitz, Reid; Van Herpt, Beard.
*Starting in net: Battochio. Guadagnolo on the bench.
*Scratches: Spezza (healthy), Jarram (healthy), Lawrance (healthy), Kiriakou (healthy), and Lahey (concussion).

1, Akeson, (1) (Petruzalek, Beard), 03:23
1, Bonello, (2) (Staubitz, Mancari), 06:56
2, Staubitz, (1) (Bonello), 09:43
2, Bickell, (2) (Kaspar, Colbert), 14:15 (PP)
3, Talbot, (4) (Hulit, McGinn), 18:46
3, Hulit, (1) (Talbot), 19:41 (EN)

1, Hotham, (1) (Crombeen, Hisey), 03:08 (PP)
1, Hisey, (1) (Crombeen, Plastino), 05:31
1, Little, (5) (Tremblay, Bolf), 18:25 (PP)
3, Fuller, (4) (Bolf, Hisey), 17:08

OHL three stars were: (1) Talbot, (2) Staubitz, and (3) Battochio.


9862. A sell-out, which is good to see in light of the Noofers’ posts regarding the poor showing at the Wednesday night game.

Game 5 Sunday April 3 @ Barrie 6:00
Game 6* Monday April 4 @ Ottawa 7:30
Game 7* Tuesday April 5 @ Barrie 7:30
* if necessary

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