May 09, 2005

Interview with Asst Coach O’Brien, “We went in there to win one game and we won that game.”

Summary of an interview with Bert O’Brien on the TEAM 1200/Buzz and Dean Brown this morning. [paraphrasing]

(The SH goal by Bonello being the turnaround.) I agree. We talked on the bus on the way home, and we agreed that the shorthanded goal was the turnaround. Special teams played well. The PP goals and 1 SH and another almost SH.

(On news affecting the players) Our guys, the first thing they want to see is what is in the local newspapers. I think it was in the London Free Press article there was a quote that said that Ottawa wouldn’t win another game this year and that the OHL finals were over because the Kitchener/London series was the best. So it only helps our team.

(On keeping composure after disallowed goal) It’s a psychological thing. If Brian or Vince or myself had gotten all over Terry [Hobor] I don’t know what the guys are going to do with that back on the ice, barking at the ref. It paid off, not going crazy on the bench, because Kaspar came right back and scored.

(On Hunter’s comments in the post-game press conference) It’s maybe 2 minutes after you’ve left the dressing room and the reporter, who is just doing his job, is going to ask a question that he knows is very sensitive to the coach. You definitely don’t want to run your team down. You’ve done it privately in the dressing room and that’s where it needs to stay.

Game 2 sort of surprised me because the word was reported that teams playing London lost composure – Windsor – but I thought London lost their composure. Maybe a little bit of adversity and they’re not used to it.

Their defence is very offensively-minded and this is one reason for the breakaways. They pinch, so if you can get the puck by them, with speed you can get the breakaways.

(On keeping emotions under control) Killer always says you have to bring the pins to let the air out. We’d be happier if we had won by 1 G rather than 3 because you can get into the overconfidence thing. But I think the guys realize that London is going to come back.

(Fear of being embarrassed?) We’ve gone into every series so far as the underdog and have had something to prove. We went in there to win one game and we won that game. But certainly this team is a lot higher calibre than the others.

(On McGinn’s wrist) It’s not a wrist injury. It’s an upper body injury. He flew back on the charter so that he could get some ice on it. The trainer said he should be ready for Tuesday night.

(On Couture) We met the kid yesterday. He’s a real nice, quiet kid. We met his parents, even showed them the bus. They liked the internet set up for homework. His mother said they’ll be here on Thursday. There was definitely interest, but no commitment. But we’ve got the best salesperson in the world in Jeff Hunt. [/paraphrasing]

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