May 09, 2005

Interview With The Coach, “We went there hoping to get a split and we got it and we earned it.”

Summary of his usual post-w/e interview with Killer on the TEAM 1200/Gord Wilson and AJ Jakubec [paraphrasing].

(On series to date) We went there hoping to get a split and we got it and we earned it. It was a hard way coming back in the third period, but we got it. I thought we played pretty well on Friday. Although we got beat, we played pretty well. Then yesterday we followed it up playing pretty well. They realize now that they can play with them.

(The turning point of Game 2) Definitely the SH goal by Brad Bonello. We’re down in the third and if they score it’s a 2 goal lead and probably a run away. It gave the team a big lift.

(On the disallowed goal) Yeah that was huge. You got a few guys down on the bench because we thought we had scored but it didn’t count. Then we rifled that one in. Because of it we got a couple of PP goals to boot and it certainly made it a lot easier.

(What prompted you to be so composed regarding the disallowed goal) First off I didn’t realize that they zeroed in on you. [While Hobor was explaining his decision to the bench the cameras were focused on the 67s’ coaches, and you could see how composed they all were.] Terry Hobor is one of the refs that I really respect. If it comes down to he blew the whistle, then he blew the whistle. I didn’t want to get into anything and embarrass the ref. Let’s just get on with it. And we scored quickly because there was no fuss. Whatever happened, when the puck went to Lucas and he buried it, we forgot about the one that didn’t count.

(Did you sense London was shocked?) I really didn’t, even though we had the lead it was one of those things that one goal can lead to 2 or 3 others. Just played sound defensively.

(On team discipline) You have to be disciplined if you’re going to win. I think that we were the most disciplined team. We held our composure and probably we were rewarded for it.

(On the PP opportunities) The 3 for 11 is a little misleading because they took 3 at the end of the game that we were just happy to run the clock out on, not trying to score. I don’t look at the 3 for 11 as the important stat, I look at it as more 3 for 6 or 7.

(On the PK) You know it’s been good all year. Sure they got those goals on Friday. Sometimes they go in and sometimes they don’t. Not to say they didn’t have good chances yesterday. But Battochio has been hot. Those numbers show that the goaltender has been hot. We’re trying to use the talent that we have rather than worry about the talent that they have.

(What do you expect from London tomorrow for Game 3) London will come out and play their methodical game. Puck possession. They have the best record of the league on the road. We’ll have to play equally as good or better because you know they will.

(On the Mancari’s providing big dinner: good for team building) Yeah it kept the guys together. They had a good time. You know what they’re doing. Talking about the game, getting ready, resting too. A lot of good comes out of things like that.

(Tickled pink about Couture?) We were. Everyone had him rated 1, 2 and we thought he was going to go 1 or 2. Turned out with the switch with Tavares and the other teams making commitments, he just started falling and I didn’t know why or what happened. So we had the talk and said if that’s the best talent [available at our pick] just go for it. And leave the rest to Jeff Hunt and myself. We got the guy that had the most talent, and thankfully we talked to him. His mom and dad were there, and his younger brother too. They’re going to come down and take a look. I’m hoping that Ottawa will sell itself.

(What do you see in him) He’s a tremendous talent. He works both ends of the rink. He’s got a great shot. He’s a strong athlete. He went in that league – remember he’s 15 years old, to put up those numbers is just amazing.

(On balance) Well we try to build it so that you’re not losing a bunch and peaks and valleys. If Logan comes it’s a little bit better. It’s all about improving and expectations. We’ll expect some of our players to be better.

(Expect Daley, Tarasuk to play next year?) Well we certainly hope so. They’re highly drafted and highly rated. And after talking to them they’re looking forward to coming here. Training camp tells the tale. You can never tell what’ll happen. Hopefully they’ll come in here and grab a spot.

(Did Friday’s game weigh on your mind?) Friday night was over, and there’s nothing you can do about it. It was a different type of test for the mind.

(Light skate today?) We’ll have a light skate and work on the little things and conserve for tomorrow. [/paraphrasing]

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