May 21, 2005

It Starts Tonight!

Wow. It’s been a while since I last blogged. Real life has been pretty busy. Ultimate started up this week, meaning it’s that time of year to drag my body out of it’s winter slumber . . . and it’s pretty painful! (I’m having some trouble going down the stairs this morning.) But enough about that – on to the good stuff . . .

All things Memorial get started tonight, with the much anticipated London and Rimouski match up. I have to admit that am I pretty excited about watching this game, even though I find London hard to take after the last series. All the attention that is focused on Sydney Crosby, all the hijinks w/ the Oceanic foregoing mandatory practices and leaving concerts early etc., there’s just so much drama with these guys – no wonder they want to escape &/or evade . . .

I’ve been extremely negligent in linking all the media articles surrounding the boys this past week, but the 67s site has a page set up distinctly for all things Memorial Cup. They’ve got all the relevant news arts linked. They’ve also got some great wallpapers for download here, even the 67s’ theme song. And great pics of the all the games here.

The Ottawa Sun has a two-page pic of the team in their paper this w/e. The local television sports package had a short clip on this a couple nights ago when the Sun was taking the shot. It showed Bonello nudging his way into the photo line, getting himself beside Killer, proclaiming he wanted to put his arm around him. All the while Killer’s got the typical expression on his face (curmudgeonly). Anyway, the pic in the Sun has Bonello with his arm around Killer and Killer smiling.

There’s also some great articles and pics on Danny B and his road to right now. What an amazing kid. They’re all amazing . . . getting to this point. Can’t wait ’til tomorrow.

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