May 22, 2005

MEMORIAL CUP GAME 1 – London vs Rimouski – London Wins in OT (4-3)

Subtitle: Congratulations London, Now All of Canada Knows How You Play Your Hockey (Disgracefully)

London Rimouski
It was a game to remember for Methot, who scored both the opening goal of the Memorial Cup and the eventual GWG in OT. See CHL for game summary here, and game recap here. And see QMJHL for game summary here.

From the Ottawa Sun Barre Campbell writes, X Marc's spot in Cup classic. Snippet:

The crowd went wild when Methot, a stay-at-home blueliner who scored four goals during the regular season, took a pass from Corey Perry on a 2-on-1 break and ripped a wrist shot on the short side over the shoulder of Rimouski goalie Cedrick Desjardins at 9:36 of OT.

"It was unbelievable," said Methot. "I have to hand it to Corey. He made a great pass. I was fortunate that I got it into the net, and I was pretty pumped about it."

[. . .]

"A guy picks corners like that, there's not much you can do on it," said Crosby. "It's always tough to lose. In overtime, you're that much closer, but it happens and you move on."

And I had to add this quote from Chris Stevenson:

PARTING SHOT: I don't want to say there was a lot of diving last night, but a Speedo is now included in the Knights' official apparel.

From the London Free Press Ryan Pyette writes, Keeping Crosby under control no mean feat.

From the London Free Press Morris Dalla Costa writes, Fans enjoy a great show to the very end.

From the London Free Press Jim Cressman writes, Methot's OT goal sinks Oceanic.

From the London Free Press Kathy Rumleski writes, Rimouski goalie covered up team's blunders. Snippet:

Amid all of the hoopla over Corey Perry and Sidney Crosby, everyone forgot about Cedrick Desjardins.

From the London Free Press Jim Kernaghan writes, Opening matchup lives up to hype.

From the Ottawa Citizen Donna Spencer writes, London Knights open Memorial Cup with 4-3 overtime win over Rimouski Oceanic.

(via CHL Memorial Cup site)

Prust, Larman, Kell
Hunter, Boland, Perry
Fritsche, Schremp, Drummond
Beaulieu, Foreman, Thomson
*Defensive Pairings:
Girardi, Methot
Rodney, Syvret
Ferry, McCready(?)
*Starting In Goal:
Dennis. Coleman as back up.

Roussin, Crosby, Pouliot
Tobin, Stewart, Hrdell
Cote, Charette, Neilson(?)
Aspirot, Arsenault, Bachand
*Defensive Pairings:
Coulombe, Scalzo
J-M Bolduc, Sersen
Tremblay, F Bolduc
*Starting In Goal:
Desjardins. (?) as back up.

First Period. London looked very strong in the first period, getting a number of chances, scoring first. All eyes were on Crosby and his line, waiting to see how they would respond to London, and he didn’t disappoint, scoring to tie it up on the PP (1-1). Pouliot gave Rimouski the lead (2-1), with a great 2nd effort by his linemate Crosby to maintain control of the puck while fighting off a check, getting a pass out in front of the net. The Sportsnet’s behind-the-net camera caught Desjardins pushing his own net off the moorings but the ref didn’t, so no delay of game penalty was called. Roussin scored to give the Oceanic a 2 goal lead (3-1), with Desjardins getting an assist. A lot of penalties were called at the end of the period. SOG were 16-5 for London when AJ said, “Dennis has let in more than he’s saved.” Final SOG were 16 for London and 6 for Rimouski. The score was 3-1 for Rimouski.

Second Period. Fritsche scored early on in the second to make it 3-2, just as the London PP came to an end. This period was filled with disgusting displays of diving by the London Knights, specifically C. Perry. I was actually embarrassed for them. The WHL ref showed himself to be of similar calibre to the OHL crew, as he rewarded London for each dive, and actually called Rimouski for diving. London also appeared to be running Desjardins, and at one point the Rimouski trainer had to come out to assist him. None of the pundits on radio or television saw what happened (and didn’t bother to check the behind-the-net cam to find out). The Sportsnet crew were so pro-London it was also embarrassing. They didn’t even try to hide it. I felt like I was in la-la land, where lies become truth (despite seeing it with your eyes) if you repeat them over and over and over. It’s almost an art-form, how the (tv) announcers attempted to describe obvious London shenanigans in positive ways. Poor Coach Labonte was almost beside himself on the bench, totally flabbergasted, pantomiming spears and dives to the ref. And the attacks on his outstanding goalie. The first half of the period Rimouski was in the penalty box, but the Oceanic got things together in the second half and managed a few decent shots on Dennis. To add insult to injury, in the last moments of the period Methot rubbed Crosby out along the boards, getting the butt end of his stick in Crosby’s face. The ref was right beside them, but made no call. Desjardins really held the fort for his team in this period, making a few quick glove saves ala Danny B. SOG were 16 for London and 9 for Rimouski. The score was 3-2 for Rimouski.

Third Period. C. Perry scored to tie it up (3-3). It was a wonky goal, shot from mid-way out, that seemed to catch Desjardins out of position. Fritsche really got Desjardins good in the third – running into him, knocking off his helmet. All hell broke loose, with mini-fights erupting around the net area. Cote finagled C. Perry into a little tiff, but nothing major. How Rimouski remained so composed in light of the diving, penalties, and running of their goaltender to that point was remarkable. The period ended in a tie, 3-3. SOG were 11 for London and 6 for Rimouski.

OT. Methot scored the winning goal, satisfying all of London. Final SOG were 43 for London and 26 for Rimouski. The only positive is that London went 0/7 on the PP, so their diving didn’t get them any goals – not that it didn’t tire out Rimouski, who had to spend an enormous amount of time and energy killing off penalties in the second. Sorry London, but your team has a rep for nasty play for a reason, and now the rest of the country has seen why for themselves. You can’t tell me that guys on the team aren’t unaffected by that crap that Perry pulls. It’s embarrassing. Let’s see how far it gets him when he has graduated to the next level. (And yes, I’m biased. And I hate London.)

C. Perry hugs Methot after Methot scores the GWG in OT
[Via Ottawa Citizen, CP/Adrian Wyld]
1, Methot, (1) , 02:37
2, Fritsche, (1) (Schremp, Syvret), 01:44
3, Perry, (1) (Rodney, Methot), 04:02
4, Methot, (2) (Perry, Schremp), 09:36

1, Crosby, (1) (Pouliot, Roussin), 06:37 (PP)
1, Pouliot, (1) (Crosby), 09:09
1, Roussin, (1) (Scalzo, Desjardins), 16:52 (PP)

London – 0/7
Rimouski – 2/4

1 - Methot, 6:12 - Interference, 2min (PP)
1 - Hunter, 15:52 - Roughing, 2min
1 - Drummond, 16:32 - Interference, 2min (PP)
1 - Prust, 17:05 - Roughing, 2min
1 - Schremp, 17:38 - Hooking, 2min (PP)
2 - Kell, 3:06 - Ob-Hooking, 2min
2 - Rodney, 4:24 - Slashing, 2min
2 - Fritsche, 6:04 - Roughing, 2min
2 - Schremp, 7:01 - Unsportsmanlike Cnd., 2min
3 - Fritsche, 11:19 - Inter. on Goaltender, 2min (PP)
3 - Fritsche, 11:19 - Roughing, 2min
3 - Perry, 11:19 - Major-Fighting, 5min
4 - Bolland, 7:39 - Roughing, 2min

1 - Sersen, 3:45 - Cross Checking, 2min (PP)
1 - Pouliot, 11:39 - Tripping, 2min (PP)
1 - Scalzo, 14:08 - Hooking, 2min (PP)
1 - Bolduc, 15:52 - Roughing, 2min
1 - Desjardins, 17:05 - Roughing, 2min
1 - Coulombe, 19:42 - High Sticking, 2min (PP)
2 - Scalzo, 3:06 - Unsportsmanlike Cnd., 2min
2 - Sersen, 4:24 - Checking from Behind, 2min
2 - Bolduc, 4:42 - Unsportsmanlike Cnd., 2min (PP)
2 - Scalzo, 6:04 - Roughing, 2min
2 - Stewart, 7:01 - Unsportsmanlike Cnd., 2min
2 - Charette, 10:30 - Ob-Hooking, 2min (PP)
2 - Bolduc, 13:30 - Ob-Tripping, 2min (PP)
3 - Neilson, 11:19 - Roughing, 2min
3 - Cote, 11:19 - Major-Fighting, 5min
4 - Scalzo, 7:39 - Roughing, 2min

Memorial Cup three stars were: (1) Methot-LON, (2) Crosby-RIM, and (3)C. Perry-LON. TEAM 1200 three stars were: (1) Methot-LON, (2) C. Perry-LON, and (3) Desjardins-RIM.

Derek Herman, WHL.


Game 2 – 5.22.2005 1600h – Kelowna vs Ottawa

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