May 25, 2005

MEMORIAL CUP GAME 5 – Kelowna vs Rimouski – Rimouski Hangs On To 4-3 Win & Kelowna's Run Is Over

Subtitle: Kelowna Turns It On In The Third But It’s Too Little, Too Late

Kelowna Rimouski
And Ottawa will be one of the three teams remaining. So much for those who counted them out. Imagine that. See CHL Memorial Cup site for game summary here.

From the Ottawa Citizen Aaron Wherry writes, Rockets suffer misfire.

The game was broadcast on radio (TEAM 1200/Dave Schreiber and AJ Jakubec) and television (Sportsnet/Daren Millard, Peter Loubardias, and John Druce).

(via CHL Memorial Cup site)

Mosienko, Ofukany, Comeau
Keller, Spurgeon, Bodie
Darzins, Ray, Howarth
Blanar, Bauer, Sylvester

*Defensive Pairings:
Palin, Weber
Cumiskey, Card
Deschamps, Couture

*Starting In Goal:
Westblom. Wall as back up.

Roussin, Crosby, Pouliot
Tobin, Stewart, Hrdel
Cote, Charette, Neilson(?)
Aspirot, Arsenault, Bachand

*Defensive Pairings:
Coulombe, Scalzo
J-M Bolduc, Sersen
Tremblay, F Bolduc

*Starting In Goal:
Desjardins. (?) as back up.

First Period. Rockets started off on a energetic note. Roussin, Pouliot, and Crosby were getting some good chances early though. Bodie had a great opportunity – hit the cross bar. Kelowna had the first PP opportunity, got some shots on Desjardins. Then Rimouski had a PP, there was a scramble in front of the net, Crosby was cross-checked – drawing 4 minutes - putting Kelowna down by 2. They killed off the 5-on-3, and the 4 minute penalty. Rimouski was then called. And the revolving penalty doors began. Hrdel scored on the PP, getting the first goal from a line other than Crosby/Pouliot/Roussin (1-0). SOG at the end of the 22 for Rimouski and 6 for Kelowna. The Oceanic were up 1-0.

Second Period. Kelowna had a PP to start the period, and Spurgeon converted, scoring to tie (1-1). Crosby scored (2-1) to get Rimouski back in the lead, off a great pass by Roussin (an awkward pass made by Roussin). (And it’s pretty obvious who AJ’s was routing for by his ‘score’ call. “Ssssscccccccccoooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeesss” is reserved for Rimouski goals, while “they. score.” for Kelowna.) Scalzo scored a SH goal (3-1). It didn’t look like he was going to be able to control the puck, but he put it between Westblom’s legs. Kelowna players appeared to be loafing around. Rimouski then peppered Westblom with a number of shots. Kelowna took another 5-on-3 (for 1:20ish). Bolduc scored easily to make it 4-1. Then Kelowna took another penalty (before the 5-on-4 had expired) to give another 5-on-3 to Rimouski. The Rockets started losing it, going with the after-the-whistle roughing tactics. SOG at the end of the period were 21 (27) for Kelowna and for 11 (33) for Rimouski. Rimouski was up 4-1.

Third Period. Comeau scored off a rebound – banged the puck in from behind the net – 2 minutes into the period (4-2). Kelowna was given their 5-on-3. The Rockets fired everything they had at Desjardins, and Comeau, just out the penalty box, scored to make it 4-3. Kelowna was given ANOTHER PP opportunity. Rimouski killed it off, with Desjardins stopping a number of shots. Kelowna finally decided to give it everything they had – firing shot after shot, forechecking, playing physical. They pulled Westblom at the end of the game. Roussin shot it for an EN but missed. Then Coulombe fired on the empty net, missing. With one last faceoff in the offensive zone, Rimouski got the puck and fired it down the ice to end Kelowna’s Memorial Cup run. Rimouski won 4-3. Final SOG were 47 for Kelowna and 40 for Rimouski.

2, Spurgeon, (1) (Keller, Weber), 02:14 (PP)
3, Comeau, (2) (Deschamps, Ray), 02:23
3, Comeau, (3) (Card, Weber), 06:42 (PP)

1, Hrdel, (1) (Scalzo, Coulombe), 17:01
2, Crosby, (3) (Roussin, Pouliot), 04:53
2, Scalzo, (1) (Cote), 11:57 (SH)
2, Bolduc, (1) (Scalzo, Crosby), 16:14 (PP)

Kelowna – 2/7 on PP
Rimouski – 1/7 on PP

1 - Keller, 10:44 - Ob-Holding, 2min (PP)
1 - Mosienko, 11:14 - High Sticking, 2min (PP)
1 - Mosienko, 11:14 - High Sticking, 2min (PP)
1 - Card, 16:56 - Hooking, 2min (PP)
2 - Mosienko, 15:18 - Holding, 2min (PP)
2 - Comeau, 15:56 - Slashing, 2min (PP)
2 - Ray, 16:50 - High Sticking, 2min (PP)
2 - Card, 16:50 - Roughing, 2min

1 - Neilson, 8:55 - Roughing, 2min (PP)
1 - Crosby, 15:36 - Slashing, 2min (PP)
2 - Cote, 1:36 - Hooking, 2min (PP)
2 - Tremblay, 10:22 - Elbowing, 2min (PP)
2 - Tobin, 16:50 - Roughing, 2min
3 - Cote, 4:08 - Interference, 2min (PP)
3 - Scalzo, 5:26 - Cross Checking, 2min (PP)
3 - Coulombe, 10:11 - High Sticking, 2min (PP)

Memorial Cup three stars were: (1) Scalzo-KEL, (2) Comeau-KEL, and (3) Desjardins-RIM. TEAM 1200 three stars were: (1) Scalzo-RIM, (2) Comeau-KEL, and (3) Crosby-RIM.

Derek Herman, WHL.


Game 6 – 5.26.2005 1900h – London vs Ottawa

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