May 27, 2005

MEMORIAL CUP GAME 6 – London vs Ottawa – London wins 5-2 And Earns Bye To Final

Subtitle: What’s Good For The $, What’s Good For The League

London Ottawa
It’s the semi-finals against Rimouski, where I imagine Rimouski wins as this is what the League and the newspeople apparently want – London vs Rimouski. I hope Ottawa does their best to spoil their plans – it would be so delicious. See CHL Memorial Cup site for game summary here and game recap here. See OHL for game recap here. See 67s’ site for pics here.

From the Ottawa Sun Barre Campbell write, 67's worst Knight-mare. Writes about Danny going down in practice after he was hit in the collarbone by a high shot from Petruzalek, and has various player’s reactions like:

"It was like, holy s--t, that's our Crosby," winger Mark Mancari said.


Kilrea said if Battochio can't play tonight, "Then me, Vinny and Bert (assistant coaches Malette and O'Brien) might as well not go, either."


"I was shooting at the other end, and then I heard silence, looked back and saw Danny down. It wasn't something you want to see," said Ottawa captain Will Colbert.

"Things like that happen in practice and it was an accident, but you never want it to happen. Danny's the reason why we're here and we need him in this tournament."

And from one goalie controversy to another . . . From the London Free Press Jim Cressman writes, Goalie choice stays secret.

From the London Free Press Eric Bender writes, 67's realize they need to score. Snippet:

"We have to stay out of the penalty box and we have to cut down on the giveaways that we have been having because they just have too many goal scorers," said Kilrea. "And they'll capitalize on mistakes."

From the Ottawa Sun Barre Campbell writes, Kilrea ready to light 'bonfire' under 67's. Funneh:

"I would hope the guys would be fired up because they're playing in the Memorial Cup. You know they say light a fire? I'd like to make it a bonfire under somebody's ass for the next games that we've got, never mind a little fire you're going to cook a couple of hot dogs on," Kilrea said before yesterday's practice.

Campbell also writes, Two-goal win will earn 67's trip to final.

From the Ottawa Sun Barre Campbell writes, Still a fighting chance. Snippet:

Kilrea was upset with referee Mark Hicks many times during the match, and ignored the official when he came to the Ottawa bench near the end.

"If we had been face to face, I might have said something," said Kilrea. "He might have been coming over to make a point, but I didn't want to hear it. I wanted to try and finish the game, so I talked to my trainer instead."

From the Ottawa Sun Barre Campbell writes, Batman's wing looks just fine.

From the Ottawa Sun Chris Stevenson writes, Crosby could use a hood. Snippet:

[. . .] How did referee Mark Hicks make it to the Memorial Cup? He's simply too inconsistent to be in charge of a big game and isn't it funny how many of his games degenerate into cheapshots and stickwork? ... And oh, yeah, how does a spear to Brodie Beard's gonads wind up as "interference?" Only if Hicks interpreted that as interfering with Beard's potential fatherhood.

From the Ottawa Citizen Wayne Scanlan writes, 67's say goodbye for shot at bye.

From the London Free Press Jim Cressman writes, Knights on to final. And Cressman writes, Perry promises a win Sunday for Knights fans.

From the London Free Press Jim Kernaghan writes, Battochio buckles under Knights' blitz.

From the London Free Press Morris Dalla Costa writes, Long-suffering Knights fans one game from hockey heaven.

From the London Free Press Eric Bender writes, Ottawa offence continues to struggle.

The game was broadcast on radio (TEAM 1200/Dave Schreiber and AJ Jakubec) and television (Sportsnet/Daren Millard, Peter Loubardias, and John Druce).

*67s get last change tonight.
*Petruzalek remains out of the line up with injured knee.
*Dennis out, Coleman in.

(On being in the semifinals) Yeah and we still have a shot of that first place. I hope that we come out and earn a bye. It’s a big thing. The purpose is to come out with winning and see. We know there’s an another game here this Saturday or Sunday.

(On Kelowna-Rimouski game) I’m happy that there’s a team eliminated. Right now the odds - one is gone, so the odds are better.

(On things the team needs to work on) A couple of guys that haven’t really been dangerous or gotten loose. They should be ready. We need more than we’re getting right now. You know with London they’ll be getting 4 or 5 or whatever. We’ll have to pick up our game.

(Keys to tonight’s game) I’d say hard work and also stay out of the penalty box and hopefully we’ve learned something from our last game. We can learn from our mistakes.

(Will Petruzalek be in the line up) I don’t know. He said his knee hasn’t responded to the treatment. He felt discomfort. We’re not going to rush it. He’ll tell us when he’s ready.

(On tonight’s game) Well we played a series against them. It was a hard fought series. We expect a hard fight tonight.

(What do you expect from Ottawa) The same style the series has been. Hard working, fast skating hockey.

(On winning record in tournament) You know it’s nice to win, to get 2. But you still have to keep winning. Play one game at a time.

(On C. Perry) Well he’s a competitor. He wants to win. He’s a kid that pushes himself every day. He’s proven it.

(On Methot) Mark is a defensive defenceman, but to win champions you need some guys that don’ts score often to step up.

(On Larman’s big game) Definitely he’s played well for us defensively. And again you need guys, unsung heroes, to step up.

(On getting a bye to the final) definitely it’s a big game. That’s what you start the tournament – that’s what your shooting for.

(On having an all OHL final) You know it’s the OHL. Both teams have played well in the tournament and a credit to Ottawa and a credit to our team, but Rimouski is a very good team.

(via CHL Memorial Cup site)

McGinn, Talbot, Hulit
Bickell, Bonello, Mancari
Akeson, Ouellette, Kaspar
VanderVeeken, Lawrance, Alphonso

*Defensive Pairings:
Colbert, Joslin
Staubitz, Reid
Van Herpt, Beard

*Starting In Goal:
Battochio. Guadagnolo as back up.

Prust, Larman, Kell
Hunter, Boland, Perry
Fritsche, Schremp, Drummond
Beaulieu, Foreman, Thomson
(moved the lines around – Bolland and Prust)

*Defensive Pairings:
Girardi, Methot
Rodney, Syvret
Ferry, McCready(?)

*Starting In Goal:
Coleman. Dennis as back up.

First Period. The 67s started off on a strong note, with Bickell, Bonello, and Mancari starting, but London came back with a vengeance getting stronger and stronger as the period progressed. Staubitz went off to the dressing room and he didn’t return, certainly not good news considering he’s Ottawa’s leading scorer and defenceman. Bolland scored, but on video replay it was clearly a high-stick and was waved off. Ottawa came back to score (1-0), the rebound went in the net off Syvret’s skate but the initial shot was by Hulit. London went on the PP first, Beard was called for tripping. Girardi scored to tie it 1-1. Looked like it may have gone off Bonello’s stick. Ottawa then got their first PP, with Foreman in the penalty box. The Knights got 2 SH chances, with Battochio making a huge save off Drummond. London got another PP opportunity at the end of the period that was carried into the second. Except for the first 1 minute or so, London was all over the 67s. SOG for the period were 12 for Ottawa and 14 for London. The score was tied at 1-1.

Second Period. With over a minute left on London’s PP to start the period, the 67s killed it off. Staubitz was back on the ice in the second. Ouellette was working hard – skating fast, creating chances. Hunter scored to get the lead (2-1). Ottawa had another PP, but couldn’t get anything going – trouble getting into the offensive zone, offside carrying the puck, etc. Syvret fired a shot just in from the blue line, scoring to make it 3-1. London got another PP. The 67s were barely holding on in the this period. They looked out-matched, and they were out-played. C. Perry scored to make it 4-1. SOG for the period were for 5 (17) Ottawa and 22 (36) for London. The score was 4-1.

Third Period. Ottawa started the period on the PP, and London was called for another to put them down by 2. Mancari scored to make it 4-2. Drummond got a SH chance on the 5-on-4 and the 67s iced the puck on their PP – it wasn’t going well for them. Kaspar was having trouble on the point, with the speedy Knights able to get by him and down the ice for SH chances. Before the end of the game, Bonello was kicked out – a penalty plus a ten minute misconduct. Fritsche scored on the PP to make it 5-2. Van Herpt was kicked out too. Final SOG were 28 for Ottawa and 49 for London. London won 5-2.

1, Hulit, (1) (Colbert, Talbot), 08:48
3, Mancari, (2) (Bonello, Kaspar), 00:53 (PP)

1, Girardi, (1) (Perry, Hunter), 11:46 (PP)
2, Hunter, (1) (Prust, Methot), 04:56
2, Syvret, (1) (Bolland, Fritsche), 11:52
2, Perry, (4) (Schremp, Hunter), 17:13 (PP)
3, Fritsche, (2) (Bolland, Syvret), 18:10 (PP)

Ottawa – 1/5 on PP
London – 3/6 on PP

1 - Beard, 10:05 - Tripping, 2min (PP)
1 - Bonello, 16:14 - Cross Checking, 2min
1 - Colbert, 19:48 - High Sticking, 2min (PP)
2 - Reid, 9:26 - Interference, 2min (PP)
2 - Talbot, 15:34 - Slashing, 2min (PP)
2 - Staubitz, 16:41 - Interference, 2min (PP)
3 - Ouellette, 10:27 - Roughing, 2min
3 - Bonello, 17:45 - High Sticking, 2min (PP)
3 - Bonello, 17:45 - 10-Minute Misconduct, 10min
3 - Van Herpt, 19:22 - High Sticking, 2min
3 - Van Herpt, 19:22 - 10-Minute Misconduct, 10min

1 - Foreman, 14:16 - Checking from Behind, 2min (PP)
1 - Drummond, 16:14 - Roughing, 2min
2 - Bolland, 6:07 - High Sticking, 2min (PP)
2 - Prust, 18:55 - Interference, 2min (PP)
3 - Methot, 0:21 - Cross Checking, 2min (PP)
3 - Girardi, 6:09 - Roughing, 2min (PP)
3 - Bolland, 10:27 - High Sticking, 2min
3 - Beaulieu, 19:22 - High Sticking, 2min
3 - Beaulieu, 19:22 - 10-Minute Misconduct, 10min

Memorial Cup three stars were: (1) Hunter-LON, (2) C. Perry-LON, and (3) Girardi-LON. TEAM 1200 three stars were: (1) Hunter-LON, (2) Fritsche-LON, and (3) Girardi-LON.

Mark Hicks, OHL.


Semi-finals – 5.28.2005 – Rimouski vs Ottawa.

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