May 07, 2005

OHL FINALS GAME 1 – Ottawa at London (5.6) – Ottawa Loses To London (4-2), London Takes Series Lead (1-0)

The 67s lose 4-2 to the Knights. See OHL game summary here and playoff tracker here. See 67s’ site playoff page here and pics of Game 1 here.

From the London Free Press Jim Cressman writes, The final countdown. From the London Free Press Morris Dalla Costa writes, Opener proves underdog 67's won't be a pushover. From the London Free Press John Herbert writes, Knights vs. 67's: The 'bloodbath' of '72. From the Ottawa Citizen, Lessons learned: 67's find they can compete, but can't allow power plays [Sub req]. From the Ottawa Sun Barre Campbell writes, Knight-mare in London. Regarding the ‘penalty’ call on Joslin in the third, Campbell saw it the way StatsGuy and I did:

Along the boards in the Ottawa zone near the 67's bench, Joslin put his hands on the back of Knights forward Robbie Drummond, who appeared to throw himself into the boards, with Joslin having little to do with the play.

What can you do though – the OHL refs are part of the game, and yelling about it now won’t change a thing . . . But then, the guys can’t give the ref any ammo either – running guys and high-sticking in the second was what really got them into trouble. They have to stay out of the box.

And also from the Ottawa Sun Barre Campbell writes, 67's will take 'best player' at draft table.

More as it’s published . . .

The game was broadcast on radio (TEAM 1200/Dave Schreiber and AJ Jakubec) and television (Rogers Television 22/Brent Lale, Lara Ralph, Leigh Cunningham, and Rick Doyle).

Schreibs and AJ notes:
*Cressman writing that Ottawa will not win another game this season.
*The atmosphere is electric – tons of media coverage, fan support, city support.
*Lawrance to start in place of VanderVeeken – in case Reid needs some support on defence, Lawrance can slip back.

(On Peterborough series and Eastern Conference Championships) I thought every game was close so I know that we were fortunate and happy to be here and I hope that we continue to play as well as we did.

(Key for tonight) We better stay out of the penalty box. That’ll be discipline and composure cause they have got five guys that can throw around the puck like an NHL team. They’re dangerous and good.

(Will you keep the four lines?) We’ll go with four. We had to play four to get here and they deserve the opportunity to play. We know they have last change, and it’s one of those situations where you try to minimize the danger against you.

(On having a long rest period) We needed it every bit as they did. We had a couple of injuries and they did. I know our guys have healed and I’m sure they’ve healed too.

(On the draft) We had a pretty productive meeting today. Naturally the important meeting will be tomorrow.

1. Stay out of the penalty box.
2. Contain forwards.
3. Watch the defencemen.

(On what they expect tonight) It’s going to be a tough series, fast skating, up and down. Not as physical as Kitchener. Killer has his guys ready. They have three really balanced lines and we had to change our lines to match up. I think it’s going to be a good series.

(On previous series) The Guelph series was tough. They played really tough. We had to capitalize on our PP. The Windsor series we got off on a good note, and they had some injures. Kitchener was very physical and we lost a few key guys. We’re staring to get back now.

(On getting the Memorial Cup) This is what we wanted from day one. We wanted to get in the front door. We’ve got a good skilled team and players.

(On Corey Perry being named OHL’s most outstanding player) He’s a special hockey payer. He practices hard every night and plays hard every day. He deserves everything he gets.

(On key players) Larman, Giardi, Methot are going to log a lot of ice time. Those are the key guys. Dylan and Corey are going to be checked and will have to fight through that to get chances.

(On injuries) Kell will get fitted for a playing cast before we leave on Tuesday and we’re hoping that he will play.

(On Denis getting the start) Adam plays very well for us. He usually finds a way to win and we’re going to keep going with him.

1. Play good defence.
2. Execute trap in neutral zone.
3. Special teams.

_McGinn, Talbot, Hulit (started)
_Bickell, Bonello, Mancari
_Akeson, Petruzalek, Kaspar
_Lawrance, Ouellette, Alphonso

Defensive Pairings:
_Colbert, Joslin
_Staubitz, Reid
_Van Herpt, Beard

Starting in goal:
_Guadagnolo back-up

_Lahey (inj-conc)
_Spezza (healthy)
_Jarram (healthy)
_VanderVeeken (healthy)

_Foreman, C. Perry, Hunter
_Schremp, Larman, Fritsche (started)
_Boland, Drummond, Thomson
_Bryce, A. Perry, Reed

Defensive Pairings:
_Giardi, Syvret were getting most of the shifts, so they would play together and then double up with the others:
_Methot, McCready, Ferry, and Martinelli

Starting in goal:
_Coleman back-up

_Kell (inj-broken hand)
_Rodney (inj-knee)
_Beaulieu (susp)
_Prust (susp)

They did the pre-series player intros at the start of the game, and going down the Ottawa line, a few of the guys looked a little nervous. There was mostly polite applause from the crowd, but Mark got a nice loud cheer when he was announced.

Overall, I’d say not a bad job – not bad at all. They held up pretty good, getting themselves back into the game when they were down. They scored on the PP. Dennis was doing a great job in the net for London. This is the first time the 67s have faced a quality goaltender instead of chasing him from the net. They need to keep out of the box, otherwise I think that 5-on-5 the 67s did a great job.

First Period. The 67s held their own. Each line came out and got their legs under them – got to test their opposition. The Bickell/Bonello/Mancari line seemed to be working the hardest defensively. The 4th line guys (Lawrance/Ouellette/Alphonso) got some good chances, but the McGinn/Talbot/Hulit line on their 2nd shift out were really working hard and getting some great chances on Dennis. The 67s were called for the first penalty of the game – an elbow by Bickell. C. Perry scored first, on the wrap-around. He was left untouched to skate behind the net. Knights took the lead 1-0. Ottawa got their chance for a PP, but had some problems getting set up. SOG were 14 for Ottawa and 7 for London. London was up 1-0.

Second Period. The 67s got themselves into a bit of a penalty pickle, taking two penalties (Bonello and Bickell) giving the Knights a 5-on-3 for 55 seconds. Then Talbot got away with slashing, and Staubitz got called for high-sticking extending the 5-on-3. Of course London scored – Fritsche, making it 2-0. Dennis made a couple of big saves. London scored another – Thomson – making it 3-0. SOG at the end of the second were 16 (30) for Ottawa and 24 (31) for London.

Third Period. The 67s finally scored on Dennis – a rocket of a shot by Staubitz (3-1). And then Petruzalek scored on a 5-on-3 (3-2). It was looking really good for Ottawa – down by one goal, looking strong, London was scrambling a bit – and then Joslin was called for boarding – a bad call especially when you have the luxury of television review. Schremp scored to make it 4-2, and it seemed like the Knights were back on top. The 67s weren’t able to come back. Final SOG were 13 (43) for Ottawa and 12 (43) for London. The 67s were 2/6 on their PP, the Knights were 3/5. London won 4-2.

3, Staubitz, (3) (Kaspar, Mancari), 06:34 (PP)
3, Petruzalek, (8) (Kaspar, Staubitz), 08:11 (PP)

1, Perry, (10) (Hunter, Bolland), 05:16 (PP)
2, Fritsche, (8) (Syvret, Perry), 06:22 (PP)
2, Thomson, (2) (Bolland), 14:22
3, Schremp, (10) (Perry, Fritsche), 10:41 (PP)

1 - Bickell, 4:19 - Elbowing, ,2min (PP)
1 - Staubitz, 9:05 - Roughing, ,2min
1 - Bonello, 19:18 - Unsportsmanlike Cnd., ,2min
2 - Bonello, 4:20 - Checking from Behind, ,2min (PP)
2 - Bickell, 5:25 - High Sticking, ,2min (PP)
2 - Staubitz, 6:03 - High Sticking, ,2min (PP)
2 - Alphonso, 11:58 - Roughing, ,2min
2 - Joslin, 18:52 - Roughing, ,2min
3 - Talbot, 7:12 - Unsportsmanlike Cnd., ,2min
3 - Joslin, 10:18 - Cross Checking, ,2min (PP)

1 - Thomson, 6:43 - High Sticking, ,2min (PP)
1 - Foreman, 9:05 - Roughing, ,2min
1 - Methot, 19:18 - Hooking, ,2min
2 - Drummond, 9:24 - Slashing, ,2min (PP)
2 - Methot, 11:58 - Roughing, ,2min
2 - Ferry, 15:06 - Cross Checking, ,2min (PP)
2 - Bolland, 18:52 - Roughing, ,2min
3 - Methot, 6:06 - Checking from Behind, ,2min (PP)
3 - Girardi, 6:34 - Boarding, ,2min (PP)
3 - Syvret, 7:12 - Roughing, ,2min
3 - Methot, 7:57 - Boarding, ,2min (PP)

OHL thee stars were: (1) C. Perry, (2) Dennis, and (3) Kaspar.

TEAM 1200 thee stars were: (1) Dennis, (2) C. Perry, and (3) Staubitz.


9090. A sea of green.

Game 2 – OTT at LON – 5.08 (Sun) @ 2pm
Game 3 – LON at OTT – 5.10 (Tue) @ 7pm
Game 4 – LON at OTT – 5.12 (Thu) @ 7pm
Game 5 – OTT at LON – 5.14 (Sat) @ 7pm (if necessary)
Game 6 – LON at OTT – 5.16 (Mon) @ 7pm (if necessary)
Game 7 – OTT at LON – 5.17 (Tue) @ 7pm (if necessary)

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