May 07, 2005

Ottawa's Picks For OHL Priority Selection

Interesting . . . Very interesting. Ottawa's 1st pick (which was 12th overall): Couture. From 1st to 12th. Possibly skipped because he wouldn't assure teams that he would not explore US options? Or other teams had already made their decisions based upon the pre-Tavares standings and didn't want to change? Someone on NOOF said that his agent faxed all teams that he wouldn't be playing, then called some teams to tell them to draft him. Whatever the case, I hope he gives Ottawa a shot.

I know I shouldn't be amazed by the things that Killer does, but when I think about it I can't help but be amazed. For instance,
*he drafted the number 1 pick when he had 12th spot,
*his trades mid-season have resulted in them getting the number 1 import pick,
*the team has gelled so wonderfully with perfect timing toward the end of the season,
*they're in the OHL finals, and
*most amazing of all: they are going to the Memorial Cup.

Here's the whole list of selections the 67s made, according to the OHL Priority Selection site [link]:

1Couture, LoganSt. ThomasLC6.0018003.28.1989
2Daley, PatrickToronto MarlborosRW6.0017704.08.1989
3Tarasuk, StevenToronto MarlborosRD5.0915511.01.1989
3Pleckaitis, Joe Toronto Red WingsLW5.1017006.13.1989
4Sponseller, AdamMidland Midget ARC6.0117001.12.1988
6Scamurra, DavidOakvilleG5.1116503.25.1988
7Mole, KevinMississauga SenatorsLD5.1117001.25.1989
8Cimadamore, JulianMississauga SenatorsLC6.0018302.08.1989
9Dawson, CraigNorth York RangersRD6.0317502.07.1989
10Campbell, PatrickOwen SoundLD6.0117507.13.1988
11Budd, MichaelBurlington EaglesLC5.1016504.16.1989
11Gallea, JordanHamilton Jr BulldogsRD6.0018501.15.1989
12Campbell, AllanGrey-BruceLW6.0018003.09.1989
13Strang, MaxMarkham IslandersG5.1116011.03.1989
14Cross, DamianNepean RaidersRC5.1017505.13.1989
15Demers, JulianNepean RaidersLD6.0019509.25.1989
15Timm, BrandonKanata BlazersLC5.1017009.08.1989

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