August 24, 2005

Update On The 67s

Whew... finally some news from the 67s via a post on their BB. And it's chock full of info.

First, congrats to GG for his new gig w/ the Sens. I'll be watching to see what he puts together for them. His enthusiasm really came through in his work. And it will be interesting to see the style of the 67s' new talent. Other news:

  • The 67s are switching from TicketMaster to Capital Tickets, complete with barcoding and scanning.

  • The Sharks are excited about Joslin, and have asked Staubitz to training camp as well. Colbert likely won't be attending.

  • 67s training camp dates:

    Septempber 1: 11-12 and 4-6
    Septempber 2: 9-11 and 2:30-4
    Septempber 3: 9-11 and 2:30-4
    Septempber 4: 10-12

    According to the post, "Camp is open to everyone, there is no charge and parking will be available here at Lansdowne."

  • There will be 2 pre-season games at home:

    September 5 (Labour Day Monday) at 2:00 p.m vs. Belleville and Sunday, September 18 at 2:00 p.m. vs Kingston. The team will be in Cornerbrook, Nfld for two exhibition games against the expansion FogDevils (Q) on September 10 & 11. They will also visit Kingston on September 13 (7:30pm) and Belleville on September 17(7:15pm).

  • STHs should receive their letters next week:

    Season Ticket Holders and Package Holders should be receiving a letter from us next week that will include their pre-season tickets, as well as details on this year's Season Ticket pick up night. Right now, it is tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, Sept 27 from 5p.m. to 8p.m. but we have a couple of issues we need to iron out before this is confirmed.

  • And finally, the Top Prospects game will be at the Corel Centre.

Also, this interesting snippet from an article in the LFP by Ryan Pyette (Knights' day):

On a Hall-designed day to honour the Knights and their unforgettable season yesterday, high-scoring forward Corey Perry took a long, hard look at the display case, trying desperately to recall snippets of what has been the game of his life so far. Later, he admitted he remembered little of the Cup final at the John Labatt Centre because of a suspected concussion he suffered a few minutes into the first period.

"The truth is I was kind of on auto-pilot after that," the Anaheim Mighty Ducks signee said.

With 10 minutes left in that nationally-televised 4-0 win, Perry turned to long-time linemate Dylan Hunter and actually asked, "What game is this?"

"It's the Memorial Cup final," Hunter responded.

"Are we winning?" Perry asked.

"Yes," Hunter replied while giving his teammate a strange look. "We are."



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