August 31, 2005

How Do You Know The Summer Is Over?

Pre-season tickets arrived in the mail today. That signals the end of summer, the advent of fall, back to school, etc. Here's a blurb from the accompanying letter by Jeff Hunt:
This year's edition of the Ottawa 67's team will be solid with returning veterans Danny Battochio, Julian Talbot, Chris Hulit, Byran Bickell (Chicago Blackhawks draft pick), Elgin Reid, Robbie Lawrance, Brodie Beard, and David Jarram. Exciting rookies from last season, Jamie McGinn, Pat Ouellette, Arron Alphonso, Derek Joslin (San Jose Sharks draft pick), and Matt Lahey will add plenty of energy to the 67's lineup in their sophomore season, and the 67's First Round Draft Pick in this year's OHL Priority Selection Logan Couture will look to make an impact in his rookie year with the team. Also joining the 2005-2006 edition of your Ottawa 67's will be highly touted European prospects Jakub Vojta (Carolina Hurricanes draft pick) and Tibor Radulay. Leading the way for his 29th OHL Season will be Hockey Hall of Fame Head Coach and General Manager, Brian Kilrea. (emphasis mine)
Season Ticket Holder Pick Up Night is Thursday September 29, 2005 in the Salons of the Civic Centre - bring photo ID. If you can't make it on the 29th, you can pick them up at the 67s store in the Coliseum building between Monday the 26th to Wednesday the 28th from 9am to 8pm.

The training camp roster is posted by Cappy on the BB:

White Sweaters

1 Anthony Guadagnolo 55 David Scamurra

77 Derek Joslin 10 Steven Tarasuk
4 Patrick Campbell 5 David Jarram
85 Elgin Reid 31 Jordan Gallea

88 Jamie McGinn 89 Logan Couture 9 Chris Hulit
21 Pat Ouellette 20 Adam Sponseller 44 Cory Battista
32 Allan Campbell 24 Scott Pitt 25 Shea Kewin
29 Michael Budd 36 Brandon Timm 19 Brandon Edge

Black Sweaters

51 Matt Spezza 45 Ryan Cote

39 Sean Ryan 2 Brodie Beard
23 Kevin Mole 33 Jakub Vojta
35 Julien Demers 22 Robbie Lawrance

8 Joe Pleckaitis 27 Julian Talbot 18 Pat Daley
62 Tibor Radulay 43 Kyle Locke 71 Arron Alphonso
26 Julian Cimadamore 16 Paul McIlveen 28 Craig Dawson
11 Marc Roedger 12 Thomas Kiriakou 41 Trevor McKinney
42 Zackery Morbeck 37 Jamie Begin 34 Damian Cross

The 2005-06 season schedule is posted on the 67s' site here.

An article I missed posting, on Mark Mancari in the Ottawa Sun by Barre Campbell, 67's Mancari hopes to wow Sabres at camp. He's off to training camp, and we wish him all the best. I hope that he wows 'em and continues on his hockey journey.
"I'm not ruling anything out, and I could return to Ottawa, but that's a last-case scenario," he said. "My goal now is to play in the American league."
Also, Campbell reports that Lahey is out until November d/t knee surgery.

And I should point out that the blog is one year old ... plus a few days. Slipped past me there. The post that started it all? Corey Locke. It's been a long year. Not sure if we're up to blogging another one.


Blitzen said...

Hey Cid...finally a comment from the next row. Summer's not quite over (temperature wise anyway) but it's great to back to junior hockey. Looking forward to your blogging this year - whatever you can do. Gonna miss the homegames on the 14th and 28th (out of town). See you soon!

Sid said...

Heya blitzen! Good to see you finally made it in. I've got a ton of stuff to blog about, but just don't seem to have the time ... We'll see how it goes.

I've got a proposition for ya, blog-wise. I'll fill you in when I see you next. Again, it' good to see you here!