November 06, 2005

Welcome Our New Contributor!

Subtitle: Does that mean we'll actually see some posts here soon?

Welcome to Blitzen, a dedicated 67s fan, who has given in to our arm-twisting and agreed to start contributing to the blog! Woo Hoo! Looking forward to seeing some posts here!

It has been pretty barren around here so far this season. Even though we've been attending all the games and goings-on, the info just hasn't been making it to the blog. Very bad on our part. So we're very exicted to have Blitzen share some thoughts with us. (And just maybe it will be the kick we need to get blogging again ourselves!)

So much has happened since the last post. ::cringing - was it really -gulp- August!?::

Trades, injuries, exciting new players and changes to veterans. Talbot named captain, the loss of Guadagnolo. The pre-season games out East.

Outside of the current team, we've seen Foy playing BIG in his first game in the NHL, Konopka steadily progressing and also making it to the big ice, Locke having a great season so far. And some sad news as well, with our prayers and thoughts going out to Savage and his family.

Other stories that have been oh-so important surrounding the Spits, with the hazing and the firing, and the fighting between teammates, standing up for yourself - which really means going against your 'group' - and that is pretty powerful to see, especially in a teenager.

And of course, the loss of GG to the Sens has been noticed as well. He did some really great work for the 67s, and he will be missed. Congratulations are in order on the big announcement by Dean and Gord the other night on Sens hockey.

So much has happened in the past two months. The season is now rolling along, and we're all getting to see how the teams and lines are gelling, and maybe - just maybe - getting a sense of who might break out this year and have a highlight reel season.

Now, if only we could capture it for the blog!

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