April 02, 2006

That's All She Wrote - The Season is Over

Not gonna be the normal blog from previous games. Just a wrap-up for the season. Peterborough takes the series in six games with a 3 - 2 win today in Ottawa.

Ottawa played a great first period but their karma just wasn't there (or puck luck for the agnostic). Man they had a ton of chances including one where Schantz was out of the play but the Ottawa player hit one of their own and didn't score. Had a couple rings off the metal and fans on the puck but just couldn't score. Ottawa scored first at the very end of a powerplay but the Petes came back in less than 30 seconds to tie it up. Both goalies made a number of great saves to keep their teams in the game. The period ended with a tie at 1 but Ottawa lost some wind out of their sails. You could see them getting tired.

The second period was blah! And that's aside from the two goals scored by the Petes. The boys just seemed defeated and couldn't get anything going. The Petes were keeping Ottawa on their heels. The period ended with the Petes ahead by two.

The Petes really kept Ottawa pinned in their zone for a good chuck of the first half of the period. Finally with just over 6 minutes left to play, Matt Lahey gave the team hope with a goal with help from Derek Joslin and Julian Talbot. The boys really poured in on after that and had a couple of great chances - one actually looked like it went in but Schantz made a great save. They made it exciting at the end but they just didn't have enough to win. Danny was pulled with 1:17 to go but the extra man couldn't get the goal.

And so, the 67s are done for another year. Julian Talbot, Chris Hulit and Danny Battochio move on with the rest of their lives. This is the sad part about junior hockey. We invest our hopes, dreams and emotions in these kids (young adults) and then suddenly the time is up. It seems different than a trade somehow.

I really think Chris has been playing for some time now without being 100% healthy. If that's true, thanks Chris for putting all you had on the ice. I enjoyed your contribution to the team. Just hope you have not somehow compromised the future of your health. It's easly to feel invincible when you're young - it all catches up unfortunately.

Julian Talbot worked hard today and was given the second star. I think he's been with the team for at least 4 years. I thought someone mentioned that he plans to go down east, go to university and play hockey. All the best to you kid!

And then there's Danny. Always has been one of my favourites. To me he represents all you would like to see in a young elite athlete: commitment to his sport, a level head to know that you must work hard and prepare for other paths in life, personal fortitude to get through the crap that life will toss you from time to time, and most importantly, humility. I know folks who know him at school and by all reports he was not some hot jock who was full of himself. Having a reasonble perspective on self-importance is pretty key in my books. Good on ya - you're a credit to your family and sport.

And so they move on and we will remember them. We'll likely see the odd thread on some forum from time to time as someone gets some news to share. All the best to the young men who have entertained us this year. Hope you get the chance to drop in and say hey!

And we look to those who may remain. Potential OAs for next year are Brett Liscomb, Joe Grimaldi, Robbie Lawrance and Brody Beard. It will be interesting to see who stays, who gets traded, who goes on to other stuff (school). Then there are the young guns. We have a great set up for the next couple of years. Gonna be exciting to see the Crazy 8s get even better. The future of the blue line looks great too from the choices we have. It will be interesting to see what happens between the pipes. Brady Morrison showed us some good stuff. It will be interesting to see how all these guys return to camp at the end of the summer. Of course depending on what Killer trades for during the summer. It will also be interesting to see who gets the C and As next year. I"ll keep my predictions to myself for now.

A few fans hung out after the game to say their goodbyes to the team. As one might expect, the biggest cheers were for this year's OAs. Gotta wonder what these guys think about all this. Must be surreal at times. All the better to keep as well grounded as possible.

What to do Friday nights now....well the golf club had the general meeting today (missed of course to see the game). The course should be open soon and we can now count the weekends off until hockey season starts again.

Thanks to all who have bothered to read my musings and sometimes not so accurate game recaps. And especially thanks to the few who have sent notes. Much appreciated. It has been a learning experience - don't know if I'll do this again next year.

Cheers everyone and have a great and healthy summer!

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Sid said...

Thanks for all your great posts this season Blitzen. It was always fun to read your review after the game. Too bad the season ended so soon, but that's the way it goes sometimes. Have a great summer!