September 30, 2007

On The Right Side of Shoot-out This Time

A beautiful fall Sunday afternoon and we’re sitting with a reported 6851 other dedicated 67s fans to see this early rematch between these two teams. You will recall that Ottawa beat Kingston last week in the first of 8 regular season matches scheduled for these division rivals this year.

Kingston is starting the season pretty roughly having lost 3 of their first 4 games including a shelling yesterday in Belleville – a 11 - 2 loss (ouch!!). So far they have scored 8 goals and allowed 25. Between that and the 5 – 4 loss to Ottawa last Sunday, I fully expected Kingston to be loaded for bear today even though this is their third game in as many days. This would be the second time we meet these guys coming off a stinging loss.

Speaking of last Sunday, Justin Wallingford was ejected and assessed a game misconduct for his nasty cross check on Logan Couture. It was my, perhaps mistaken, understanding that this automatically meant at least a suspension and review by the league. In checking out the rosters from Kingston’s games since, Wallingford has been in the lineup for both games. I’ll need to study the rules a bit (if they were available online!!).

Ottawa changes:
Ottawa scratches for today: Matt Lahey (injury), Matt Ribeiro, James Craig, Radim Ostrcil (injury) and Matt MacDougall. Chris Perugini got the call for goal.

Kingston changes:
Scratches for today: Kevin Mole (injury) and Justin Wallingford (!). Jason Guy was put in goal.

Ottawa Lines:
JMcGinn, Couture, Latta/Nesbit in the third
Methot, Lindsay/Latta in the third, Bailey
Cowie, Kiriakou, Nesbitt/Carnevale in the third
TMcGinn, Martindale, Carnevale/Bailey in the third

Defensive pairings:

First Period:
It took a while for either team to get going but by the time 5 minutes had gone by, Kingston managed 4 shots on Perugini and Ottawa didn't get anthing through. But it was Ottawa that got on the board first when the second line finally clicked on the scoreboard for the season. Thomas Nesbitt passed it to himself off the boards on his way down the ice, managed a backhanded shot and Thomas Kiriakou buried the rebound. Sean Ryan got the second assist.

Ottawa got the first of three power plays of the period when Ben Shutron was called for roughing at 11:07. Kingston did a good job keeping the pucks from getting to Guy but he did have to make a couple of good saves on the two Ottawa shots that got through. Cuma laid a solid hit on Matthieu Kang right at the Kingston blue line.

Just as the first penalty ended, Kingston was assessed with a second penalty as Peter Stevens was nabbed for interference. This time it was the top line that put Ottawa ahead when Michael Michael Latta took a pass from Logan Couture and beat Guy. Jamie McGinn got the second assist. Time of the goal: 14:55.

The energy of the period had changed by this point. Previously, it was Kingston that was playing stronger but now it was Ottawa taking the play to them. They just seemed to anticipate where the puck was going to disrupt any flow Kingston tried to start. Their efforts paid off with a third penalty with Jonathan Sciacca getting caught interfering on Jon Carnevale. Ottawa only had two shots on Guy but they were both solid. Methot’s shot from the point was so hard and fast, Guy got his glove up but was unable to close it and the puck ricocheted into the corner.

After 20 minutes the score was 2 – 1 for Ottawa and Ottawa led in shots on goal: 14 – 8.

Second Period:
Two and a half minutes into the period, Ottawa was assessed its first penalty of the day when Keith Wynn was called for elbowing. It took less than 30 seconds for the Frontenacs to tie the game up. The Ottawa PK unit of Kiriakou, Cowie, Demers and Cuma, usually a very aggressive and successful PK unit, were unable to clear the puck from in front of the net and Nathan Moon was able to beat Chris Perugini. Andris Dzerins and Cory Emmerton got the assists.

Kingston played very strong and you couldn’t tell that this was their 3rd game in 2 ½ days. The 67s 4th line of TMcGinn, Martindale and Carnevale were holding their own though. Minutes 4 to 7 of the game showed us some of the best hockey we have seen in a while with both teams getting some good scoring chances, both goalies making some great saves and Tyler Cuma stunning Josh Brittain with a solid hit. Cuma lost his lid but I think Brittain took the worst of it.

Before the game hit the half-way mark, the shots had climbed to 18 – 16 (still in Ottawa’s favour) – Kingston was turning up the pressure.

At the 8-minute mark, Kingston finally went ahead when Bobby Mignardi walked right in from the half-wall and beat Chris top shelf with a backhander . No one from the 67s dealt with him.

On the back half of the period, it was Ottawa’s turn to get into some penalty trouble. First Matthieu Methot was called for roughing. The 67s ran a fantastic PK; Kingston was not able to mount anything remotely challenging with the man advantage. Then Methot managed to get called again, this time for interference. The PK was strong again with limiting the Fronts to just one shot on goal.

After 2 periods Ottawa was down by 1 (2 – 3) with a one shot edge on Kingston (24 – 23)

Third Period:
Kingston started the period very aggressively – carrying the play for a good long time. They put the pressure on Chris with 10 shots in less than 8 minutes. Chris Perugini turned them all back and the rest of the guys cleaned up any leftovers.

Killer changed his lines up: Latta moved back to centre the second line; Nesbitt moved to the top line in his place; Carnevale moved up to the third line and Jason Bailey double shifted on the fourth line for the one or two shifts that it played.

With 6:40 spent in the third period, Jonathan Sciacca earned his second trip to the penalty box when he called for hooking. This time it was the second line with Paryzek and Ryan anchoring the blue line making the difference. Matthieu Methot’s wrister beat Guy from the high slot. Jason Bailey and Martin Paryzek were the helpers.

Now Ottawa turned it up a bit. They were digging hard and started getting some shots on Guy. Then Ottawa had another power play opportunity when Nathan Moon was called for goaltender interference. The 67s were putting a lot of pressure on Kingston and getting shots to Guy. A scrum in front of Guy on a save resulted in offsetting roughing calls on Lindsay and Shutron and an added slashing call on Couture. Four-on-4 play lasted for 34 seconds and then Ottawa was on the PK for 1:26. The PK was masterful.

With 1:48 left in regulation, Bailey and Stevens received coincidental roughing calls.

At the end of regulation play the score was tied at 3 and the shots were tied at 36.

Finally Ottawa came to life! The starting 4 were Kiriakou, Cowie, Paryzek and Ryan and they rotated with McGinn, Couture, Cuma and Demers. Ottawa really carried the play even though they only got one shot to Guy. Kingston also only managed one shot so with all that effort by both teams, overtime ended in a tie and it was….

On to the shoot out:
For the second game in a row, Ottawa came from behind to tie up the game and was not able to put it away in overtime. So here’s the final drama:

Kingston Jesse Brown X
Ottawa Matthieu Methot X
Kingston Cory Emmerton X
Ottawa Jamie McGinn SCORE!!
Kingston Nathan Moon X

Ottawa takes it in the shoot out!

The final score: 4 – 3

Random thoughts:
  • During the player introductions, the goalie is always named last. Today, the Canadian Tire player hit the ice just in front of Perugini. The kid was a goalie. So as Perugini’s name is being announced, this really small goalie steps on the ice. We all laughed – we know that Chris is not a big guy but we were sure he was bigger than this goalie.
  • Ottawa had a lot of really good scoring chances but they just couldn’t connect, the player couldn’t get the puck to settle or Guy made a really good save.
  • Michael Latta can really handle the puck. Just wait until he fills in – he will be awesomer (I know – there isn’t such a word).
  • Killer rolled all 4 lines sequentially for the first two periods. As noted previously, he made some line changes in the third period and the 4th line didn’t see much action.
  • Speaking of the 4th line, this line of rookies is doing really well. They are getting some good ice time because they deserve it. Well done!
  • Lots of great second efforts this afternoon. A couple of brain cramps but they came more from the veterans (Wynn and Couture for example) than the kids. This team is really exciting to watch when they turn it up.
  • Speaking of which, it was hard to tell which team was playing its third game of the weekend. We were commenting among ourselves that this crew seems to have a bit of same habits of the previous 67s teams in that they tend to adjust their play to their opposition; they step it up when confronted by a tougher team and they take it down a notch when playing a team that could be considered weaker. They don’t quite have the killer instinct for all games.
  • Alright, I had been holding off but I just can’t keep it in anymore. One of my FAVOURITE game day rituals is singing the anthem(s). This is supposed to be a stirring event that gets the fans involved early. That means: singing it in a pitch that most people can sing, singing it normally, and singing it a pace that is not the equivalent of a funeral dirge. It is NOT a good opportunity for singers to “make it their own” and get all fancy. So far, we have had two different people singing the anthem. I am sure they have beautiful voices but, for all that is holy, please do not have EITHER of them back to sing the anthem(s). It was so bad today, I could not hold back my groans. Ugghhh! That bordered on the illegal if not the unpatriotic.

Three Stars
1. Jason Guy (Kingston goalie – 35 saves)
2. Julien Demers
3. Chris Perugini (37 saves)

Hardest working 67s: didn’t get the TEAM1200 call on this one and can't come up with one on my own.

Next home game is next Friday when the Brampton Battalion come to town. Hope to see you there!

Go 67s Go!!

September 29, 2007

Ottawa 67s Ball Hockey Tournament

Was a volunteer for today’s ball hockey tournament. Wasn’t quite the turnout that everyone hoped for but it sure looked like everyone had a good time. There were three divisions: recreational, intermediate and competitive. Don’t ask me the difference between intermediate and competitive.
  • Was a really nice day for running around outside chasing an orange ball. And there was a whole lotta chasing!
  • The Road Grill was filming an edition of their show. We got to see all the “secrets” of cooking on TV. There’s a small army doing all the real cooking. We didn’t get any of the food. It smelled great.
  • Some folks take this really seriously. A scrap erupted in one of the competitive games. Figures – both teams were wearing Philly colours. A brave but much smaller member of the 67s staff busted it up and did his best impression of Colin Campbell. I don’t know what the final decision was but I’m sure it was swift and decisive.
  • The kids were having a great time. It was funny seeing a tiny goalie lying face down while his buddies strapped on his gear. Some of these tykes have awesome shots. The nets took quite a beating.
  • Goalies walk funny with all that padding.
  • Pavement is really hard on sticks and skin.
  • I can’t juggle…but am determined to learn. (We all need goals.)
  • I have no idea what most of the 67s look like without numbers on their backs. They quickly swept through the Aberdeen Pavilion. I only recognized them because I recognized Thomas Kiriakou and figured the other fit looking guys were also members of the team. They really look fit.

It was the first time for this event but I can see the seeds for bigger things have been sown. There were participants from all walks of life: teams of 7-year olds, young women, young at heart women, mixed teams, teams mostly consisting of spousal units, the billets, some serious players, you name it there was a game for everyone. And they all seemed to have fun. And it was for a good cause. I foresee greatness in the future. Put your team together and start practicing for next year.

See you at the game tomorrow.

Go 67s Go

Iced by them Dogs!

Home opener tonight and there was a good crowd on hand – 9708 fans in the building to see the boys play their fourth game of the season. They started strong last weekend – winning all four on the road. We were treated to an entertaining laser show (went on just tad too long), fireworks and an introduction of all the players that were dressed for the game.

Take a look at this:

CHL Mosaik MasterCard Top 10 Rankings - Week 1
Created: Sep 26, 2007

Toronto, Ontario – The Canadian Hockey League today announced the CHL Mosaik MasterCard Top 10 Rankings for Week 1 of the 2007-08 season. The weekly rankings of the Canadian Hockey League’s Top 10 are selected by a panel of National Hockey League scouts.
1 Calgary Hitmen (3-0-0-0)
2 Sault Ste Marie Greyhounds (3-0-0-0)
3 Acadie-Bathurst Titans (3-0-1-0)
4 Ottawa 67's (3-0-0-0) (woo hoo!!)
5 Rouyn-Noranda Huskies (4-0-1-0)
6 Tri-City Americans (3-0-0-0)
7 Oshawa Generals (2-0-0-0)
8 Halifax Mooseheads (3-1-0-0)
9 Cape Breton Screaming Eagles (4-1-0-0)
10 Brandon Wheat Kings (2-0-0-0)

Gotta like that. But it’s way too early to get excited about it. Just wanted to note it here for posterity.

Ottawa changes:
Ottawa scratches for today: Matt Lahey (injury), Matt Ribeiro, James Craig, Radim Ostrcil (injury) and Jordan Gallea. Adam Courchaine started in net.

Niagara changes:
Scratches for today: forwards Steven Ceccanese, Alex Friesen (injury), and Jadran Beljo (sitting at home cooling his heels after some apparent disagreement with team management); defencemen: Jay Gilbert, Matt Corrente and Matthew Maione and goalie Lukas Lobsinger (injured). Players Jordan Foreman, Paul Gismondi and Coach Mario Cicchillo were returning after a 2 game suspension. Can’t seem to find any information on it. Andrew Loverock started in net.

Ottawa Lines:
JMcGinn, Couture, Latta
Cowie, Kiriakou, Nesbitt
Methot, Lindsay, Bailey
TMcGinn, Martindale, Carnevale

Defensive pairings:

First Period:
None of the technology I usually rely on is working tonight – my batteries died in my radio, the OHL site is not updated and my attempt to capture the internet broadcast as a backup to my radio crapped out on me. So now it’s just my prescription-writing-worthy notes and my end-of-week weary old memory. Sorry about that folks.

Ottawa started with an early good scoring chance when Martin Paryzek fired one at the goal and Jamie went for the tip but Loverock was able to make the fast save. After that Ottawa had real trouble trying to maintain control of the play. They got their first PP opportunity just three minutes into the period but only managed 2 shots on goal. The IceDogs also managed two shots on goal short handed. This was not a good two minutes.

With 13:34 left in the period, it was the rookies again that put the first score on the board. This happened so fast, I didn’t really see it. Tye McGinn snapped a pass from the boards beside the net to Martindale who banged it home before anyone had a chance to see it. It was bang – bang – score! Jon Carnevale got the second assist. Capt’n McGinn was quick to get the puck for Ryan as it was his first OHL goal! Conrats kid!

After this, Ottawa managed to pick up its play somewhat but it still wasn’t stellar. Just past the halfway mark, Niagara’s Scott Fletcher was called for his check to the head of Logan Couture. The verdict was swift and firm: 5 and a game. He was done. So Ottawa was to enjoy a 5 minute power play – a good opportunity to go up by 2. Well, exactly 1 minute into the PP, Tyler Cuma gets called for elbowing so it was 4-on-4 for two minutes and what a sloppy 4-on-4 it was. Then Ottawa was back on the PP for the remaining 2 minutes of the 5 minute penalty to Fletcher. The IceDogs did a really good job of not only keeping the 67s from getting anything remotely dangerous to Loverock, but Stefan Legein managed to get sprung for a breakaway. Thankfully Adam stoned him!

At the end of the first period, Ottawa led by 1 but the IceDogs led on the shot clock: 12 shots to Ottawa’s 9.

Second Period:
Again, the second period started with an early scoring chance, this time by Thomas Nesbit and he managed to get a shot on net but the defender caught up and was able to reduce the danger. The IceDogs were playing aggressively and just over two and a half minutes into the period, they tied it up when Gianluca Caputi backhanded it over the shoulder of Courchaine. Stefan Legein and Joshua Day got the assists.

Ottawa was on the power play again and while Ottawa managed to get at least two shots on Loverock, the IceDogs played aggressively and had their own good scoring chances while shorthanded. One of the shots was saved by Adam’s mask! That musta hurt! Or at least sound loud.

At the 12:24 mark of the period, Gianluca Caputi put the dogs ahead with what looked like a weak shot that got through the wickets. I would think that Adam wants that one back. Alex Pietrangelo and Dylan MacEachern got the assists. Just over two minutes later, Thomas Nesbit tied it up when he picked up a pass from Jamie McGinn and beat Loverock. Logan Couture got the second assist.

Then Ottawa managed to get itself into a bit of penalty trouble. First Martin Paryzek ws called for cross checking. With great anticipation, Julien Demers intercepted an IceDogs pass from the point and started a short-handed rush up-ice. They didn’t manage to score but they chewed up time on the penalty. But then Thomas Kiriakou was called for tripping and the dogs had a 5-on-3 for 1:26. It only took them 40 seconds with the 2-man advantage to go ahead when Stefan Legein managed to put another one through the 5-hole. It was back to 5-on-4 for Niagara when Jamie managed a nice steal to break up the play. Niagara closed out the period on the penalty kill when Joshua Day was nabbed with 1:37 left in the period.

With two in the books it was 2 – 3 in favour of Niagara but Ottawa managed to move up on the shot clock: 23 – 19.

Third Period:
Ottawa started the period with a heart-stopping 23 seconds left in the Niagara penalty. Niagara won the face off so that took the edge of a bit. Nesbitt tried to feed the puck to Couture but they just couldn’t make the connection. The IceDogs then kept the 67s pinned in their own zone for the next 3 minutes culminating in their fourth goal of the night with – wait for it – another shot through the 5-hole. This time it was Andrew Agozzino with the help of Alex Pietrangelo. We were sitting at the other end of the ice and thought that Adam might have been screened on that one. But for those who are keeping track, at this point, Adam has allowed 4 goals on about 8, maybe 10 shots. Not good numbers.

Then Ottawa seemed to find its game. Thomas Kiriakou and Scott Cowie teamed up on a great scoring chance but Scott was stoned by Loverock! Then it was Niagara’s turn to get into penalty trouble. First Jordan Foreman was called on a slash on Bailey followed by a cross-checking call on Joshua Day. In the ensuing 5-on-3, Ottawa put 4 forwards on the ice with Tyler Cuma. Jamie McGinn pulled Ottawa within one with a goal that should be on a highlight reel. From what I recall, he faked like he was going around the back of the net and got everyone, including the goalie, moving to the other side when he managed to suck the puck back and tuck it in the open side. Beauty. Latta and Couture got the assists. Hope someone got in on film and we can see it on YouTube some day (nothing at the time of this writing).

Then the 67s turned up the pressure. Tye McGinn managed to work hard and draw a hooking penalty. Ottawa only managed 2 shots but they kept up some good pressure. Ottawa was getting the scoring chances but Loverock was holding down the fort. Then, with less than two minutes to play, Julien Demers fired a hard shot from the point that was right on target. Loverock let out the rebound and Jamie McGinn was right there to backhand it home to tie up the game! The score sheet credits Jason Bailey (yes the OHL site is up now) but I’m pretty sure it was Jamie McGinn. Demers and Couture got the assists.

After regulation play the score was knotted at 4 with Ottawa having increased its shots on goal: 39 – 26.

The 4-on-4 play started with the IceDogs keeping Ottawa in their own end but Scott Cowie managed to get sprung with the puck for a breakaway but was interfered with and was awarded a penalty shot. The crowd came to life and cheered Scott on but Loverock made the save. The rest of the overtime period was fast and exciting with good scoring chances by both teams but both goalies managed to get some body part in the way. Don’t know how they did it but they did.

At the end of overtime, it was still tied and the shots were 45 to 31 for Ottawa.

On to the shoot out:
Alex Pietrangelo: score
Logan Couture: x (don’t think he even hit the net)
Stefan Legein: x
Jamie McGinn: x (another miss of the net entirely)
Michael Swift: x
Tyler Cuma: x

So it ends on a shoot out with the Niagara IceDogs spoiling Ottawa’s home opener.

The final score: 5 – 4

Random thoughts:
  • Another fast exciting game even if it ended in a loss. At least Ottawa got one point for their efforts.
  • It didn’t start too well – waaaay too many missed passes and turnovers. Especially in their own end. Just was not crisp. It seemed that 2 out of 3 outlet pass attempts were intercepted.
  • Great effort though to come back from a two-goal deficit and tie the game up.
    The total skill level of this team seems to be better than in previous years. They are still a tad raw…but when they start really gelling, this will be really fun to watch. It’s fun now and will only get better.
  • Especially the power play – they just gotta get better on the power play. In the early going, Niagara had more offense while on the PK than they did at even strength. They play the PK very aggressively and expose the weaknesses of the PP of their opponents.
  • This batch of rookies is unbelievable. Martindale might want to think about sharing the puck a tad more but generally speaking, this crew works hard, has skills and is contributing. I think they are pushing some of the veterans which is great. It makes the willing players better and exposes the weaker ones. There are a few guys on the sidelines who might be a bit worried about their spots – with reason.
  • Killer rolled all four lines tonight, even when the team was down by two. I have no idea about coaching strategy – either in games or out of games but giving them ice time in tough situations appears to be working out. From my very rough calculations, the rookies were -2 and the vets even for the night.
  • With Ottawa having spoiled a couple of home openers last weekend, there might have been some need for balance in the cosmos thus the nail biter loss tonight. This was still a fun game to watch even if the outcome was not what we hoped for.
  • Refs were back to their old tricks – one set of rules for each period of play. Fortunately nothing got out of hand.
  • Speaking of refs, they sure didn’t hesitate at the first head shot. Given the heightened state of awareness, I am sure Branch issued a reminder of the OHL stand on this point. And it proves that a tough stance on shots to the head does not take the physicality out of the game. I thought we still had a good physical game with fair body contact and fast skilled play (when the skills were up to snuff). I really wish the NHL would go this way.
  • The spousal unit muttered all way home about hating shoot outs to decide an outcome.

Three Stars
1. Jamie McGinn (2 goals and an assist)
2. Logan Couture (3 assists – I’m not a fan of this selection. Logan was also the author of many a turn over. But he may be playing with sore ribs from the shot he took from Wallingford last Sunday.)
3. Alex Pietrangelo (Niagara 3 assists and the shoot out winner)

I think honourable mention should go to the Niagara goalie Andrew Loverock.

Hardest working 67s: Julien Demers (I thought that Scott Cowie owned this one)

Hope you are planning to attend the Ball Hockey tournament tomorrow (today now that I see the time). See you on Sunday when the Fronts are in town with revenge on their minds.

Go 67s Go!!

September 25, 2007

Once a Sociopath – Always a Sociopath

Ok – this has nothing to do with the 67s and the worthless danger to society doesn’t play junior anymore, but I just got home from the game and have to register my disgust at what I witnessed.

Steve Downey, head-case-prospect for Philadelphia played tonight against the Senators and laid an outrageous dirty intention to injure hit on Dean McAmmond.

Here’s the video. Warning – this is not nice.


This has no business in hockey. Ever. We’ll find the measure of the man, Colin Campbell, when he hands down his decision. Downey should never play professional hockey in North America again. Finishing his hit indeed!

No player should ever be put at that risk.

September 23, 2007

A Win in Kingston Makes it a Perfect Road Trip

A couple of Kingston games are the only away games on the schedule that are remotely reasonable for us for a road trip so we made our way down the 401 to see the game. It was a beautiful day for a road trip – the fall colours haven’t quite hit their peak yet and the fish and chips at the Pilot House are still the best.

The 67s were returning to the ice after a rest day yesterday during their opening road trip of the season. They played their season opener in Barrie where two brothers were the opposing tenders: Andrew Perugini for the Colts and younger brother Chris for the 67s. The 67s came from behind to beat the Barrie Colts 5 to 4 and give bragging rights to Chris. Then it was on to Brampton on Friday where they hung on to a 2 -1 win over the Battalion.

So the 67s were looking to make it a perfect road trip – and not like last year’s first game in Kingston where they were blown by some outrageous score of 10 to a lot less.

Meanwhile, Kingston was coming off a terrible home opening, losing to Belleville 8 – 1. So Kingston had some redemption on their minds for today’s game.

Ottawa changes:
Ottawa scratches for today: Matt Lahey (injury), Matt Ribeiro (suspension), James Craig, Radim Ostrcil (injury) and Jordan Gallea. Adam Courchaine started in net.

Kingston changes:
Scratches for today: Cole Weedmark and Kevin Mole. Daryl Borden started in net.

Ottawa Lines:
JMcGinn, Couture, Latta
Methot, Kiriakou, Bailey
Nesbit, Lindsay, Cowie
TMcGinn, Martindale, Carnevale

Defensive pairings (for the most part)

First Period:
The game started with a fast pace and pretty much stayed that way all game. Kingston drew the first penalty of the game when overager Justin Wallingford was nabbed for interference on Scott Cowie. Killer left his 4th line of kid-McGinn, Martindale and Carnevale on the ice for the start of the powerplay. Good idea coach! Less than 20 seconds in the PP, Jon Carnevale managed to shovel the puck under Borden to put Ottawa on the board. Linemates Martindale and kid-McGinn got the assists (Tye was credited with the goal at first but it was subsequently changed).

The next penalty went to Martin Paryzek for interference and the first PK unit that we saw last year started: Kiriakou, Cowie, Cuma and Demers. They eventually gave way to Lindsay, Nesbitt, Wynn and Ryan. Kingston only managed one shot on goal and Linsday had a great short handed chance when Cory Emmerton gave the puck away but he was forced wide by Shutron.

Ottawa went up by 2 when Couture fed McGinn on a 2-on1 break and Jamie beat Borden for his first goal of the season.

Kingston’s Matthew Kang got the Frontenacs within 1 with over 2 minutes left in the period when he received a pass right from the face off while left along in front of the net.

With just over 90 seconds left in the period, Tyler Cuma managed to get called for two infractions – a slashing call followed by a hooking call. His extra curricular activities earned him a 4 minute rest in the penalty box. Kingston didn’t manage to get any pucks to Courchaine with the man advantage for the rest of the period.

After 20 minutes the score was 2 – 1 for Ottawa and the shots on goal were 13 – 10 for Ottawa.

Second Period:
Starting on the penalty kill for 2:23, Ottawa played strong including a thundering hit by Jamie McGinn on Kyle Paige. Kingston only managed to get 1 shot through to Courchaine. The PK units were Kiriakou, Cowie, Ryan, Demers and McGinn, Couture, Wynn, Paryzek.

The 67s went up by two again on another powerplay goal. This time it was Tyler Cuma beating Borden with a shot from the slot. Jamie McGinn assisted on the goal.

With just over 5 minutes left in the period, Kingston pulled again within 1 when Cory Emmerton wired one that Adam Courchaine is still looking for. It rattled off one pipe and then the other and settled behind the line. Borden and Shutron with the assists. But that wouldn’t last when Couture and McGinn teamed up again with a beauty play just as an Ottawa penalty kill was ending. As Julien Demers stepped out of the box, Jamie sorted the puck out of his skates, found Couture who was flying up the centre. Instead of taking the shot, Couture passed to McGinn who roofed it to restore the two goal lead. Ottawa finished this period on the PK again when Kiriakou was nabbed for slashing with 44 seconds left in the period.

At the end of the second period, it was Ottawa leading 4 – 2 and leading the SOGs 26 – 24.

Third Period:
Well, this certainly was an interesting period. Didn’t even bother trying to take notes. Ottawa earned 8 penalties and Kingston 6. I can’t bother to figure out how much 5-on-5 hockey there was – it certainly wasn’t much. Kingston came out strong for this period and had Ottawa on their heels for a good portion of it. With some good steady pressure Kingston finally pulled within 1 again just 7 minutes into the period when Matthew Kang scored on a delayed penalty call. Sciacca got the assist.

Then it got faster and this is when the bulk of the penalties were called. It all started when Michael Latta put a good hit on Wallingford in the Kingston zone. Couture followed with good hit of his own on Wallingford (?). Justin didn’t like the treatment too much and decided to slam Couture with a nasty cross check. Logan was hurt on the play and Jamie took exception and took the time to let Wallingford know. Just so you know, Justin Wallingford is listed as a 6’7” 236lb, 20 year old. Latta is a 5’11” and 187lb 16 year old, Couture 6’, 191lbs and McGinn 6’ and 200lbs. It was a short tilt between the captain and the tall guy. When all was sorted out, McGinn was assessed 2 for instigating, 5 for fighting, and a 10-minute misconduct. He left the game. Wallingford earned 5 for the cross-check, 5 for fighting and a game misconduct. Meanwhile, Logan finally got up but looked to be in a lot of pain. He left the bench for a while to be assessed.

As play resumed, the pace picked up as Kingston pressed for the tying goal. At some point Latta dropped the gloves to challenge someone to a fight but was refused. Latta was assessed an unsportsmanlike penalty. That pretty much took care of our top line.

We didn’t realize it but with about a minute left, Kingston pulled Borden for the extra attacker. Just like he played all game, Cody Lindsay broke up the Kingston passing and scored into the empty net to seal the deal.

The final score: 5 – 3 for Ottawa with shots on goal 34 – 40 for Kingston.

Random thoughts:
  • This was a great game to watch. Fast, exciting, and close to the end.
    Courchaine was both good and lucky. Kingston had a ton of great chances and near chances. He covered the net really well.
  • The Ottawa penalty kill is pretty good – let’s hope they don’t get too much practice.
    The rookies are really contributing. I think Lahey will have his work cut out for him to back on to the top line.
  • A couple of the Ottawa power plays were outstanding. Great puck movement and player positioning.
  • Paryzek is doing really well but is taking a lot of penalties. Something he will have to figure out.
  • Liked seeing McGinn step up and defend his line mate. He’s playing really well. His time with the Sharks will serve the team very well.
  • The Voice sure calls the game better than the guy they have in Kingston.

Three Stars – in the building:
1. Jamie McGinn (2 goals and an assist)
2. Matthew Kang (Kingston – 2 goals)
3. Cory Emmerton (Kingston – 1 goal)

Three Stars – The Team:
1. Jamie McGinn
2. Adam Courchaine
3. Matthew Kang

Hardest working 67s: Tyler Cuma

See you at the home opener next Friday!

Go 67s Go!!

September 17, 2007

Season Ticket Holder Pickup Night - Announcements

Tonight was the night for season ticket holders to pick up their packages. Schriebs was the MC of the event and Jeff Hunt had a speaking role too. Here's what we heard:
  • Everyone should be back from camp tomorrow; Courchaine and Ostrcil return from Boston - Radim with a broken wrist; Logan and Jamie return from San Jose - healthy
  • Letters were announced: Jaimie McGinn is the Captain (like anyone doubted it); A's go to Couture, Kiriakou; Bailey and Methot.
  • Jeff said that there will be a press announcement before the home opener regarding the great events they have planned for the season. There will a special at the home opener (I'm not giving it away) and season ticket holders are being encouraged to bring someone along - a limited set of extra tickets are available to season ticket holders for $5:00 each.
  • The team was introduced - there really are a number of locals on the team. Martindale still hasn't turned 16 (later this month??).
  • Reminder that away games are heard on the radio: normally Team1200 unless they are broadcasting a Sens game. The alternate broadcast station in those situations is 580. Both are on the AM dial. Listen to catch The Voice call the games so well you think you are there. For you fans outside the broadcast region you can listen live on the internet: for Team1200 and for 580. (Wonder who will pick up from AJ?)

I didn't stick around for the BBQ or any of the follow-on activities after the team was introduced.

So now the season has really started: 67s tickets in hand AND my Sens tickets arrived in the mail today too.

The team starts on the road this weekend: Barrie, Brampton and Kingston in that order. We are heading to Kingston for that game and if I have the energy I will post a game summary.

Go 67s Go!!

September 15, 2007

2007 - 2008 Underway! 67s Undefeated in the Pre-season!!

Welcome back everyone. I trust you had a good summer. Mine was pretty darned good: thoroughly enjoyed the Sens run for The Cup – was at every home game; met Bobby Orr – he sets a very high standard as a gracious celebrity; finally broke 90 (four years trying) and golfed the Glen Abby (didn’t come anywhere near breaking anything other than my heart and clubs).

Like the players, I need the exhibition games to get the rust of my hockey eyes, my note taking and blog writing. Trying to take notes and still watch is hard enough. Not having a game sheet to fill in the blanks doesn’t help. So this will be a brief summary of tonight’s game.

Ottawa changes:

Jamie McGinn (we now have to distinguish the McGinns as Ottawa traded for brother Tye) and Logan Couture remain at the Sharks main camp. And Radim Ostrcil and Adam Courchaine remain at the Boston main camp. Scratches for tonight were Thomas Kiriakou and Matt Ribeiro. Mike McLeod was called up as the back-up tender. Firecracker Zach Laroche has returned to his team after scoring in each of his 3 pre-season games with the club – including the game winning goal in Belleville last Saturday. There's a great story about this kid - click here to read it. Ottawa dressed 17 players including the newest acquisitions Tye McGinn (33) and Keith Wynn (25). Perugini started in net.

Kingston changes:

I really don’t know the team very well so I can’t really say how depleted they may or may not be as a result of players away at camp. Cory Emmerton (recently of Team Canada in the so-called Super Series) appears to still be at the Red Wings camp and Ben Shutron appears to be at the Blackhawks camp. (As a side note – I noted that Bryan Bickell is on the Blackhawks roster as well). Kevin Mole and Matthew Kang didn’t dress for the game. The Fronts dressed 19 players by my count. Daryl Borden started in net.

First Period:
I didn’t see the game last weekend nor did I read much about it on NOOF but some bad blood must have started there ‘cause the game sure started physical and chippy. I have no idea what started it but Justin Bailey and Kyle Bochek lasted all of 19 seconds. They started going at it at centre ice behind the play and, as provided in the rules for pre-season games, they each got 5-for-fighting and a game. And I was really looking forward to seeing how rookie camp with the Ducks (boo hiss) might have affected Jason. Oh wait – that’s it! A week with the Ducklings turned him into a Dirty Duck! Just not enough of a Dirty Duck to make the jump and he’s working on improving (!) that aspect of his game. That’s it! …. I digress. I’m not bitter…I’m not bitter…just keep repeating it…take a deep breath…move on.

The hitting and cheap shots didn’t stop there – it sure looked like Kingston was trying to settle some score. The ref was also a bit rusty and missed some obvious calls. Eventually Kingston settled down a bit as they found themselves on their heels in their own zone quite a bit.

Ottawa carried the first period – easily. By halfway through Ottawa was leading SOGs 9 – 2 although I wouldn’t call any of them real scoring threats. But the Fronts were pinned most of the period in their own end.

From my notes, Killer didn’t play too much with the lines. For the most part we saw Martindale centering Carnevale and Cowie; Lindsay centering Nesbitt and kid McGinn; and Latta centering McDougall and Methot. From what I recall, the D-pairings looked a lot like Wynn/Ryan; Cuma/Demers; and Paryzek/Gallea.

I couldn’t keep track of the penalties but Ottawa had a 5-on-3 advantage at the end of the period that they couldn’t convert. Despite out-shooting Kingston 20 – 4 in the first period, the game was knotted at 0.

Second Period:
Ottawa started the period on the power play and finally managed to score. It wasn’t particularly pretty but Tyler Cuma let one fly from the slot and it bounced around enough to go in the net – probably off a defender’s skate. Michael Latta and Keith Wynn got the assists. And then Ottawa got into a bit of a penalty hole. First Gallea was called for elbowing. During that PP/PK (depending on your point of view), Cody Lindsay and Kyle Paige got into a dust-up. While the Bailey/Bochek tilt was pretty much a draw, we gave the call to Cody on this one. Who knew he was such a testy character? As with the other guys, they were sent to the showers early. So both benches, already a bit shorter than normal, were shorter by two each. Kingston managed two shots on Perugini.

Not long after that, Michael Latta took a call for hooking and the 67s held the Fronts to 3 shots during that advantage.

Kingston finally got the tying goal at about the halfway mark. It appeared to me that the puck got carried into the net by someone when there were a whole lotta bodies in the crease. Chris was basically crowded out of any space to do anything. James Marsden was credited with the goal with an assist going to Stephen Francella. Not long after than Martindale was called for checking from behind. The PK was very strong – Demers blocked at least two shots by my count and no pucks got to Perugini during the advantage.

Tye McGinn restored the lead with assists going to Demers and Wynn. I didn’t really see it but I think it may have been another shot that pin-balled off a defender. The period ended with Ottawa up by 1, SOGs 30 – 22 for Ottawa, Ryan and Latta in the penalty box for Ottawa and Jonathan Sciacca for Kingston.

For this period the lines looked sorta like Martindale centering Cowie and Martindale or McDougall; Nesbitt largely centered McGinn with cameos by Gallea, Methot and Carnevale; and Latta centering whomever Killer threw out with him.

Third Period:
Ottawa started 3-on-4 for 16 seconds then played 4-on-4 for about 43 seconds and then 4-on-5 scheduled for about 50 seconds until Ottawa took another penalty (Wynn??) which put Kingston back on a 5-on-3 for 21 seconds and then on 4-on-5 for just over a minute. The 67s were doing a steller job of dealing with the short-handed situation – not allowing Kingston a single shot on Perugini until with 4 seconds remaining in the PK, Kingtson’s Francella scored with assists by Taylor Doherty and Cole Weedmark. It took Kingston over 3 minutes with the advantage to even get to the net but unfortunately that one got in to tie up the game.

Just as we were commenting among ourselves that Methot was trying to do too much himself, he was coming up the ice and trying to skate through Fronts to the net. He snapped one from the slot and scored! Guess we might have been wrong that time. Gallea and Cuma got the assists on that one. Then at the halfway mark, Latta capped the scoring with assists going to Methot and Demers. I stopped taking notes in the third so I could just watch the game and with all the penalties in the first part, trying to track lines was pretty pointless.

The game ended with Ottawa winning 4 – 2 and out shooting Kingston 46 – 31.


  • While the shots were high, there really weren’t that many real scoring chances.
    That notwithstanding, the Kingston goalie looked pretty solid. Perugini looked pretty good too but I don’t think he had the same workout.
  • With the shortened bench, the rookies got a lot of ice time. They look like a good bunch. I expect that Martindale and Latta will land fairly regular shifts.
  • Paryzek looked pretty good out there. There was one particular play, a PP I think, where there was a terrible miscue in the Ottawa zone. A Kingston player was able to step into the play and grab the puck in full stride. Paryzek read the play, put the breaks on and got back into the play to disrupt the short-handed scoring chance. I noticed a couple of other occasions where he really held his ground and stayed between the puck and the net.
  • The team, even without 4 key players, is looking pretty good. Sure there were a number of miscues, fanned shots, missed passes and pucks that wouldn’t stick to the blade but there were a lot more good passes and good second efforts. And it looked like this crowd is ready to play physical. This could be a really fun year to watch.
  • Wynn looked good out there too. Nice to see a big kid on the blue line who appears to know what he’s doing. I could see him giving directions to Paryzek when they were both on the ice.

So the season opens on the road with games against Barrie, Brampton and Kingston. We will be hitting the road to catch the game in Kingston. We’ll see what kind of rematch it is. Kingston will have the benefit of playing at home against Belleville on Friday and a rest day on Saturday.

Let’s see if it makes them at all better.

Good to be back!

Go 67s Go!