January 13, 2008

No Luck for the Majors: Ottawa 5 – Mississauga 3

This was the second of 4 scheduled meetings of these teams this year. Ottawa won the first game 5 - 0 on a very snowy Sunday afternoon here in Ottawa on December 16th.

About Mississauga:Coming into the game, Missy was in 6th place in the conference with 41 points on a record of 20-20-1-0, P10 of 3-7-0-0, GF of 120 and GA of 147. With their loss in Belleville last night, Mississauga came in on a 2-game losing streak. The 3-1 loss to Belleville included an EN. They are the 11th most penalized team in the league with 806 PIMs (not sure that includes the 7 penalties from last night’s game).

Big guns: Kaspers Daugavins with 46 points (23 goals) (also the best +/- with +14), Casey Cizikas with 30 points (13 goals) and Jessie Messier with 29 points (14 goals). Zac Rinaldo is their leading bad boy with 122 PIMs.

Player notes: During the lead-up to the trade deadline, Missy acquired Blake Parlett from Windsor and rookie Jordan Mayer from the Soo (apparently this guy didn’t want to play in the Soo so far from home. Carrozzi got the start in nets.

About Ottawa:Ottawa comes to the game in 5th place in the conference on a record of 20-17-2-2, P10 of 5-4-1-0, GF of 120 and GA of 147. Ottawa is the 16th most penalized team in the league with 702 PIMs.

Big guns: Logan Couture with 45 points (17 goals), Jamie McGinn with 40 points (20 goals) and Tyler Cuma with 27 points (4 goals). It should be noted that both Logan and Jamie have missed 7 of the 41 games played this year. Closing in on the top three are Matthieu Methot and Thomas Kiriakou both with 26 points. Logan, Jamie and Tyler also have the best +/- numbers on the team.

Player notes: Ottawa was still without some key players: Jamie McGinn (back), Matt Lahey (shoulder), Logan Couture (concussion), Michael Latta (mono) and Jon Carnevale (concussion-like symptoms). Julien Demers has the most PIMs for Ottawa with 60, followed closely by Jason Bailey with 59 minutes in just 24 games. Adam Courchaine was back in net again.

Ottawa Lines
Zamec, Kiriakou, Bailey
Valiquette, Cowie, Nesbitt
Methot,Lindsay, TMcGinn/Martindale

Defensive pairings:

Game Summary - Sorry for the late update – was busy yesterday – this will be real quick.

The game started with St. Mike’s keeping Ottawa in their own end for quite a while but Adam Courchaine was able to keep the Majors off the scoreboard with some early big saves. After successfully killing its first penalty of the game, and on Ottawa’s second shot on goal, Matthieu Methot picked up Scott Cowie’s pass and beat Carrozzi down low glove side for his 12th goal of the year and first for the game. Before this, St. Mike’s had out-shot Ottawa 8 – 1.

With St. Mikes’ Tim Billingsley in the penalty box for slashing, Ottawa went up by two. The 67s were having a tough time getting organized and it looked like St. Mikes were on their way to killing their third penalty of the game when Jason Bailey banged in a rebound from Martin Paryzek’s shot from the point.

Then it was Ottawa’s turn for the PK when McCullough was called for hooking with just over 2 minutes left in the period. Not only did the 67s do a dandy job of killing the penalty, Matthieu Methot scored a beautiful short-handed goal with the backhand near the end of the penalty and with just 20 seconds left in the period. Thomas Kiriakou and Julien Demers got the assists. So by now Ottawa had scored a 5-on-5 goal, a PP goal and a short-handed goal. Stay tuned – they just might have run the table by the time the game ended.

The 67s started the second period with jump as well with Thomas Kiriakou breaking in on Carrozzi for a great scoring chance to put Ottawa up by 4….but Carrozzi stoned him! After some non-descript playing by both teams, Cody Lindsay cut through the middle and got a shot off and then it was Matthieu Methot following up with a shot off the rebound for his hat trick. And that was it for Chris Carrozzi; he got the hook for Anthony Greico.

It looked like Ottawa might be on another rout like the last time St. Mikes was here but after successfully defending a long string of penalties (almost 6 minutes?) that included a couple of 5-on-3s, St. Mike’s got some new life. I didn’t keep track of the shots but is seemed to me that Ottawa didn’t get too many shots through – if any. I have no idea what started it but Thomas Nesbitt and Zac Rinaldo went at it right off the face off and traded punches in front of the Mississauga bench. I’ll give the call to Nesbitt as he got the take down. Re-energized from the great PK, and perhaps the scrap, Matt Piva spoiled the shut out when he beat Courchaine 5-hole. Senators prospect Kaspers Daugavins and Justin Larson got the assist.

As I watched the start of the third period, I though to myself, these guys have backed off. They certainly did not start with the same intensity that we saw in the first two periods. Mississauga on the other hand was still energized from the second half of the second period and they took the game to Ottawa. Under the pressure, Ottawa started taking penalties. With Radim Ostrcil off for high sticking, it took only 11 seconds for Kaspars Daugavins to get Mississauga within two with under10 minutes left in the game. Tim Billingsley and Matt Piva got the assists.

Then, with Ottawa serving yet another penalty for a questionable delay of game call against Courchaine (for allegedly playing the puck behind the goal line and outside the trapezoid), it was Tim Billingsley getting the Majors within one with just under 4 minutes left in the game. Casey Cizikas and Kaspars Daugavins assisted.

Now we had a game! I was some nervous. I think Patafie was too!

I didn’t catch the exact time but at some point the Majors got control of the puck in the Ottawa zone and Greico came out for the extra attacker. The puck jumped over the stick of Kaspars Daugavins and Jason Bailey won the race to pick up the puck and dump it into the empty net to seal the deal.

The game ended 5 – 3 with final shots 35 – 41 in Mississauga’s favour.

Three stars

1st Star: Matthieu Methot

2nd Star: Adam Courchaine

3rd Star: Tim Billingsley

Team 1200 hardest working 67s: Jason Bailey

Random Thoughts:

  • Cody Lindsay may have lost up to 3 teeth from the high stick on Friday. That’s gotta hurt!
  • Adam had a pretty good game with some really big saves.
  • What happened to the team in the 3rd period? They played so well in the first half of the game but then just about blew it. Give St. Mike’s credit for working hard right to the end.
  • There was only one hat thrown on the ice for Methot’s hat trick (mine). What’s up with that folks??! Have ye lost ALL faith?
  • Clearly there is no standard for refereeing. This game was called entirely differently than Friday night’s game.
  • After the final buzzer, Parlette tripped up Nesbitt. Bailey wanted a quiet word and Killer was screaming at him to get back to the bench. And then he screamed at the team for all of them to get back to the bench to allow the Majors to leave the ice. Bailey was not easily convinced and still managed to say a few words to one of the Majors players as they left. That’s all we needed at this point – a huge, multi-player, multi-games-suspension-causing ruckus.
  • Managed to catch 5 hockey games in 4 days (3 Sens games and 2 67s games). The spousal unit was not too keen. I consider it training for the WJHC next year. May have to get another hockey buddy to fill in for some of the games next year.

Road trip for the 67s next weekend as they take on Kingston, Mississauga and Niagara. Could be a rough weekend. Keep your heads up and play hard!

Go 67s Go!

One of Courchaine's saves.

One of Jason Bailey's drives for the net.

Celebrating the win.

Clearing in front of the net.

Clearing in front of the net.

One seriously unhappy Missy Coach.

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