February 12, 2008

Interview with the Coach

This will be really quick. As usual, the guys gathered for a Monday-morning look-back at the weekend where Ottawa took 3 of a possible 4 points.

Coach mentioned that on Friday, all the pieces of the team were back but not quite gelled (as one might expect). He thought the team played really well but just didn't get the bounces like they did on Sunday.

But the good news didn't last too long as Cuma was out on Sunday with a swollen ankle from the shot he blocked on Friday and Bailey was also out on Sunday with a hip flexor problem. If Jason listened to the program he heard Killer say that Bailey would not be playing this weekend either. Team staff want to give him the time to heal up properly and be ready for the playoffs. Seems they are taking a page out of Alfie's book on taking the time to get it right.

Killer agreed that with all the injuries, the rookies are getting much more time and in more situations than one might have normally planned for them and he is really pleased how they have risen to the task.

Among the notable rookie performances is Chris Perugini who will likley get more than the 1000 minutes that was planned for him this year. The team had targetted him in the draft but Brampton had indicated to Chris that they were going to pick him. Brampton had 2-3rd round picks and when it came up for their first one, they took another player that came available. While they were on the phone assuring Chris that they were going to pick him with their second pick.....never mind...Ottawa just picked you. Killer likes the look of his goalie situation for the short and long term (for as long as it lasts in junior hockey). As with Bailey, Killer will likely play Chris more right now to let Adam heal his broken finger and be ready for the playoffs.

He is also very high on Latta who will continue to improve and be a force to reckon with (as if he's not already). He works hard, goes anywhere on the ice and will only get better.

The boys discussed the return of Logan and how he seemed to be targetted on the weekend, especially on Friday. The refs missed the head-shots and attempted head-shots. It's one thing to hit a key player but it seems that the opposing teams were aiming higher.

Another tough weekend coming up with a road game in Peterborough on Thursday with home games on Friday (Belleville) and Sunday (London). That Thursday - Friday part of the schedule is hard on the kids as they get home at about 2:00 am, have to get up for school later that morning and then play a game that night.

That's about it. Again, Killer seemed upbeat and pleased with his team.

Killer really likes what he has as building blocks for the future.

Go 67s Go!

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