February 03, 2008

This ‘n That

The team was on the road for the weekend starting with a game in Windsor on Thursday night. I didn’t catch this one on the TV or radio as I was at the Ottawa – Boston game. (Another stinker by the Senators – heavy sigh.) I kept track on my portable device and quite honestly thought that it might have been much worse considering the game against Windsor here in Ottawa last week. Tyler Cuma was out of the line up due to a bout of bronchitis, but Jason Bailey and Michael Latta were back in the line-up. Ottawa had 7 powerplay opportunities but couldn’t convert on any of them. Adam Courchaine faced 41 shots but only three made it to the back of the net. (So much for my suggestion about limiting the SOGs – unless they are all listening to Anne Murray right now). Final score 3 – 0 for the Spitfires.

Then it was the short trip to Plymouth to face the Whalers the next day. This was a different game entirely. I listened to most of the game on the radio (was watching the Vancouver – Tampa game and forgot to get back to the radio a couple of times). It was a pretty close game – closer than the score would suggest. Ottawa had a 2-goal lead going into the second period, Plymouth then tied it up but Ottawa took the lead again with less than a minute to play. Plymouth came back early in the third to tie it up again but Ottawa took the lead for good with its third power play goal of the game. The scorers to this point were Martindale, Latta, Demers and Bailey. Plymouth was pressing hard and getting shots through to Chris Perugini and he was making some big saves. Then all hell broke loose to speak of.

From what I understand from the radio broadcast, the Plymouth coach was really annoyed with the refereeing. He got a bench minor for his efforts and Thomas Kiriakou promptly scored to put Ottawa up by 2. With just over a minute and a half left, Plymouth pulled its goalie. Shortly thereafter Jamie McGinn got the EN to put Ottawa up by 3. The Plymouth coach went apoplectic for some reason and was ejected but he wouldn’t leave, he apparently wanted the ref to go over and chat with him about it. The ref didn’t (can’t say that I blame him – what possible positive outcome could there have been??) and we had a stand-off. The ref assessed a delay of game and misconduct, and Greg Stefan finally left the bench. Plymouth was assessed one more penalty and Adam Zamec scored Ottawa’s 4th PP goal with just two seconds left. Final score 7 – 3 Ottawa. Chris Perugini faced 40 shots and was named the first star both in the building and by the Team1200 guys. The rematch on Friday should be interesting. It will also be interesting to see if Stefan gets suspended for his dramatics.

The final road trip game was played just an hour and a half away in Saginaw last night. I listened to most of it (was again watching the Sens play – I am a sucker for punishment). It sounded like a really tightly played game with our goalie (Adam Courchaine) again playing strong. Saginaw opened the scoring in the second period but Ottawa got that one back (Martindale on the PP) and then went ahead near the end of the period on another PP goal (Methot). Before the first minute was played in the third period, Saginaw tied it up again and it stayed like that until former Ottawa 67s (and just about every other team in the OHL) David Jarram found the back of the net with just under 5 minutes left. Thomas Kiriakou was lost to the team early in the period when he came to the defense of Jon Carnevale I believe. Kiriakou was assessed 2-5-and-10 (instigating, and fighting) and Ottawa lost a key player. Nonetheless, had some scoring chances but Saginaw goalie Ryan Daniels stopped them all. The final score was 3-2 for Saginaw. And for the second time in as many games, the Ottawa goalie was one of the three stars – Adam Courchaine got the nod as the third star in the building. He faced 42 shots.

Random Thoughts:

  • Sounds like the team played much better this weekend. Sure they came out with just one win, but it sounds like the Saginaw game could have gone either way.
  • Some stats for the weekend: shots on Ottawa: 123, shots on the other guys: 86; GF 9, GA 9; 6 PP goals on 21 PPs, 2 goals allowed on 13 PKs; 8 different players scored the nine goals. Not entirely bad numbers in my estimation.
  • While the Sens game against Boston was horrible, I got a chance to take a behind the game-day scenes tour. It was interesting. Actually it was the best part of the day. Didn’t get a chance to ask nearly all the questions I had. I was right beside Gerber’s locker and noticed that he was going to wear a jersey that was crudely repaired and had puck marks all over it. Not sure if he is was too superstitious to change it for a new one. Didn’t help him too much (well – neither did his team).
  • I haven’t done any long-term research but lately whenever both the 67s and the Sens play on the same day, it seems that both teams lose. I’m blaming it on the Sens.
  • Upcoming games this weekend against Plymouth and Barrie. We just might see a full line-up for the first time in a long time. That would be novel.
  • It will be interesting to hear Killer’s take on the weekend when he drops in on Over the Edge. If I get a chance I will post a summary tomorrow.

Go 67s Go!


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