October 08, 2008

Well, we know which team showed up tonight...

I caught up with the game at the start of the second period. I didn't bother goinga back to the beginning but I heard Schreibs give an update on the radio on the way home. ANOTHER short handed goal!! They should start declining penalties. That has to stop.

Adam Courchain's first night out wasn't so good for him - 3 goals on 11 shots. They never really got organized in the second period and once down 3 goals, they never really recovered. Then they got lazy and started taking stupid penalties. Ottawa did well on the first 30 seconds of the Latta penalty but Kingston regained and maintained control for pretty much the rest of it. Ottawa must have been across the Kingston blue line maybe twice in the second period? Their best scoring chances came when they were shorthanded on the Couture penalty!

Ottawa's passing was less than brilliant. They finally broke the looming shut-out when on a PP goal. Julien Demers was credited the goal with Zanetti getting the assist.

But Kingston got it right back with Josh Brittain getting the hat trick when a Kirikou pass was intercepted and picked up by Zerins, he rushed in, got the shot but Brittain picked up the rebound and put the Fronts back up by 3. Nothing was going right for Ottawa tonight.

Kingston has just scored its 5th goal. I don't think I can watch the rest of this. This is not the same team that we saw last week.

See you Friday.

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