October 08, 2008

Who will be the most composed tonight?

Interesting set up for tonight's game.

Here's an insight into what's happening in Kingston:

Fronts owner expects wins now

Consider it a warning. A loud warning. Kingston Frontenacs owner Doug Springer said yesterday that his troubled Ontario Hockey League team, in a worst-case scenario, has "to find a way to win at least two of these next four hockey games."

See the rest of the article from the Kingston Whig Standard.


The Kingston players will be playing desperate hockey. If combined with discipline and skill, it can be successful. If played without control and focus, it can be disasterous.

The 67s have had a reasonably good start to the season, playing energized, committed team hockey for the most part and want to continue surprizing everyone. With Cuma and Couture back, they want to be even stronger and more successful.

It will be interesting to see which coach gets the right response from his team.

Some head to head stats for this young year:

Record: 0-4-1-0 for 1 point
Goals for: 11
Goals against: 23
Leading Rookie: Gudbranson with 0-5-5
Leading Scorers: Moon (3-2-5); Kang (2-5-3); Gudbranson (0-5-5); Mignardi (0-4-4) and Werek (2-1-3
Goalies: Parks 2 games played, 8 GA, .899 sv%; Peters 3 games played, 15 GA, .853 sv%; the goalies have seen a total of 181 shots in 5 games
PK at home: 88.9%
PP at home: 20%

Record: 4-3-0-8 for 8 points
Goals for: 22
Goals against: 18
Leading Rookie: Toffoli with 2-6-8
Leading scorers: Kiriakou (4-4-8), Latta (4-4-8), Toffoli (2-6-8), Martindale (3-4-7) and Cowick (5-1-6)
Goalies: Perugini 7 games played, 17 GA, .912 sv %; Perugini has seen a total of 193 shots in 7 games
PK on the road: 88.9%
PP on the road: 25%

I'll catch up with the game sometime in the second period. Hooray for PVRs!

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