November 29, 2008

That was one wierd game

John Tavares and the Oshawa Generals (sounds like a band) come to town after a solid win over Peterborough last night inspired no doubt after retiring the Oshawa jersey number 2 - Bobby Orr last night (you should ask me about my Bobby Orr story).

Oshawa wins 5 - 4 but it really wasn't that close for most of the game.

Forward Combos: (at least to start the game)
Cowick, Couture, Nesbitt
Nigro, Martindale, Toffoli
Lindsay, Kiriakou, Carnevale
Sonnenburg, Anderson, Schinkelshoek

Paryzek, Cuma
Hanes, Gibbons
Hartwick, Zanetti

Goal: Pergini

Scratches: Ryan (groin), Demers (flu), Blunden (sick), Birkhoff (mono)

Some days it's hard to get inspired. This is one of them. I don't have the energy to go through a recap. Here's the game sheet. Let's go right to...

Random Thoughts:
  • If you believe in omens then there were a couple of early ones starting with a goal called back. Less than 30 seconds into the game, Couture made a great move on Del Zotto resulting in Nesbitt taking a sharp angle shot. In diving to make the save Conway knocked the net off its mooring before the puck went in. He wasn't pushed into the post - he did it all on his own. So the goal was called off. Hunh! I wonder why goalies don't do that more often. It would be easy to fake.

  • Second bad sign was Perugini getting hurt on the first PK of the game. Somehow he got his leg all tangled up with a couple of Oshawa players at the post. He looked to be in some pain but after a bit of a break, he continued to play. He made it through the first period but left early in the second.

  • In a 4-on-4 situation, Tyler Cuma tried to play forward and was beat by Oshawa-D Tony Dehart who beat Perugini 5-hole to get the first goal of the game.
  • Cuma and Couture would like a couple of their shifts back - especially the one where Ottawa was on a 5-on-3. They were both outskated and outworked by John Tavares who got his own rebound to score on Perugini. Three goals on 9 shots!
  • But in addition to giving up the SHG Ottawa managed to score 3 PP goals. Go figure.
  • Courchaine came into the second period early when Perugini left. A shot that went off the post was subject of a lengthy review and Oshawa was awarded a goal to make it 4 - 1. Adam made peace with the posts and they saved him a couple of times later in the game.
  • Each team was awarded a penatly shot - both denied. Cowick tried the same move that he scored with in the shoot out last Sunday. Pretty sure that Conway would have remembered that one.
  • The second period was slow and BOOORING!
  • Ottawa left Oshawa players unattended in front of their goalie a number of times. All alone on the doorstep. The score could have been a lot worse.
  • Kirakou didn't return to the ice in the third period.
  • Overall, it looked like Oshawa was faster and sharper.
  • Nigro had a good debut as a 67s. A goal and an assist. I didn't notice Gibbons so much.
  • It must have been the lingering affects of the trade - everyone was still missing Latta. Meanwhile, Oshawa was still running on the energy from the night before with Bobby Orr.
  • It just seemed like a weird game.
The three stars as selected by Team1200:
1st - John Tavares
2nd - Thomas Nesbitt
3rd - Anthony Nigro

Hardest working 67s as selected by Team1200: Corey Cowick

Pictures from the game:

Let's have a caption contest for this one

Nigro celebrating his first goal as a 67s

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