December 05, 2008

Barrie Colts Trot Off with a 4 - 1 Win .

Traffic tonight was nuts from just about everywhere from what I hear. The Barrie bus must have been caught up in it as they just arrived at 6:30 or so for the game.

Ottawa had no excuse for their sluggish play. This one rates as a stinker.

Forward Combos:
Cowick, Couture, Nesbitt
Nigro, Martindale, Toffoli
Blunden, Lindsay, Hanes
Sonnenburg, Anderson, Schinkelshoek

Paryzek, Cuma
Demers, Gibbons,
Hartwick, Zanetti

Goal: Courchaine

Scratches: Carnevale (concussion), Kiriakou (shoulder), Birkhoff (mono)

When I'm tired from a long week (and facing more work this weekend) I look forward to a really good game from the team to get me energized. When that doesn't happen, I find it hard to write these game updates. Tonight is one of the uninspired nights.

The first period was flat-out boring. No flow, no organization to speak of and Ottawa played nearly half of it a man short. And that was just the beginning. Here's the game sheet. For a team that was among the lowest penalized teams in the league, they certainly got bad really quickly. 11 penalties tonight. Without their best penalty killer.

Three Stars as Selected by the Team1200:
1. Stefan Della Rovere
2. Michael Hutchinson
3. Anthony Nigro

Hardest Working 67s as Selected by the Team1200: Riley Sonnenburg

Random Thoughts:
  • Not that the officials lost the game for the 67s, but the refereeing was atrocious tonight. I don't recall seeing this Luxmore fellow before but he seems new. Probably should not be flying solo just yet.
  • The 67s just could not organize anything tonight for the few minutes they were playing at full strength. I'm sure that in some small way it had to do with the PP guys getting a bit pooped with all that defending.
  • Speaking of the PK, three of Barrie's four goals were on the PP. As noted in the past, Ottawa left the front of their net rather unprotected. At least two of the three goals against were from someone standing almost in the blue paint. For their part, Barrie collapsed in front of their goalie really well.
  • They really missed Kiriakou and Carnevale. Hope they are both well soon.
  • Hanes benefited from Carnevale's injury - he saw lots of ice-time on the third line.
  • Sean Ryan has been let go from the team. So long Sean. Thanks for your contributions here in Ottawa (I am not being sarcastic) and best wishes in your future endeavors. Take advantage of your educational package - not too many kids get this kind of deal.
  • I'm too lazy to do the arithmetic but I suspect that Ottawa's team was a fair bit younger. 7 rookies according to Walt's lineup sheet and no overagers.
  • Almost 600 pictures taken and not one that I feel like posting. Glad I don't have to do this for a living.
  • I don't normally second-guess the broadcast crew in their selection of game stars but I didn't agree with Hutchinson as the game's second star. Did he have to make any really hard saves? Even though the 67s threw 31 shots to the net, very few of them were serious scoring chances.
  • Martin Paryzek will be returning to the Czech Republic on December 15th to prepare with the national team for the WJHC in Ottawa. Congratulations Martin!
  • Speaking of national teams, Cuma was invited to camp; Couture was not. Congrats Tyler! As for Logan, this has to be tough. Remember, that what does not kill you only serves to make you stronger. Not many adults would be able to suck it up and lead their team in the face of this kind of disappointment. Logan looked like he was using this disappointment to play harder tonight.
  • Was in Washington for a couple of days (returned late last night) so I missed the camp roster announcement and most of the Avery shenanigans. Despite watching lots of ESPN, there really wasn't much hockey news to be had. The town is getting ready for the inauguration in January. It's hard not to get caught up in this historic event - I bought an Obama t-shirt (made in Honduras, printed in Mexico).
  • On the upside, picking up my credentials and uniform for the WJHC in December. This town is going to be crazy in a few weeks! I can hardly wait.

See you at the game on Sunday!!

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