January 12, 2009

Mid-Year NHL Entry Draft Rankings

The mid-year NHL Entry Draft rankings are out. The previous draft ranking had the NA skaters and goalies separated by league. This ranking is simply split between NA and Europe.

Here's the link.

The highest (and only) ranked Ottawa 67s on list is Mark Anthony Zanetti who is slotted at 139. Former Ottawa 67s Michael Latta is at 42. Chris Perugini is at position 16 on the NA goalie list, surprisingly ahead of Jaroslav Janus who had an outstanding run at the WJHC. The WHL leads the way with 41 of the 210 listed players, the OHL follows with 37, with the Q rounding out the CHL representation with 30 players. Over half of the ranked eligible players come from the CHL

As I mentioned in other posts, I had the chance to chat with a scout sitting in front of us during the tournament. He left me with the impression that he was not spending a lot of time scouting the 67s. He indicated that he was aware of Ryan Martindale but left it at that.

He also mentioned that generally they do not scout anyone who was not drafted in their first year of eligibility but will pay attention if the player distinguishes himself at a game where the scout just happens to be. This is what is happening with Janus as I believe he was eligible last year and was undrafted.

This just makes for interesting hockey chat - it all comes down to who is available, who is doing the chosing and what their own scouts have to say.

Good luck to all draft-eligible players.

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