March 16, 2009

Haute Couture: 5 - 3 over Kingston

Last game of the regular season and it didn't mean anything to either team in terms of the standings. Kingston was locked into last place in the conference; Ottawa clinched third place on Tuesday in Kingston.

The game did have meaning however - it was Killer's last regular season game behind the bench - after 32 years in that familiar spot. The 67s wanted this one for their coach. The Fronts had no intention of handing it to them.

Forward Combos:
Cowick, Couture, Nigro,
Lindsay, Martindale, Toffoli
Blunden, Nesbitt, Carnevale
Sonnenburg, Smith, Schinkelshoek

Demers, Gibbons,
Birkhoff, Zanetti
Hartwick, Paryzek

Goal: Perugini/Courchaine

Scratches: Kiriakou (head), Anderson, Cuma (knee), Hanes

The Kingston Frontenacs were perfect guests during the tribute to Brian Kilrea. They stood at appropriate times, they banged their sticks on the boards as their applause and they sat patiently. But that was all over once the puck dropped.

It was a penalty filled event with 27 penalties - 12 against the 67s and 15 against the Fronts. Only 3 of all these called in the third. The goalies were run, there was roughing, slashing and a fight among the infractions. It was almost as if they were trying to put on an old fashioned game.

Logan Couture opened the scoring before the game was five minutes old and Ryan Martindale notched his first since returning to put the 67s up by two. Kingston tied it up with goals from Andris Dzerins and Nathan Moon. The teams traded goals one more time with Nathan Moon getting his second of the game and Cody Lindsay notching his 24th goal of the season.

The rest fell to Logan Couture who took the team's fate into his own hands scoring both the game winning goal and the insurance goal for his first hat trick of the season.

Killer planned on having both goalies play in the game and Adam Courchaine started the second period.

At the end of the game, Killer went on the ice to shake hands of Doug Gilmour and his team and the 67s formed an arch of honour with their sticks as Coach Killer Kilrea walked off the ice.

Three Stars as selected by the Team1200
(Nathan Moon was the "4th star". He did not take a turn.)

Hardest Working 67 as selected by the Team1200: Corey Cowick

Random Thoughts:
  • Well, Kingston played right to the end of their season and made the 67s work for this win. As Logan was quoted, it wasn't pretty but they pulled it off. Logan was a man on a mission. He has been playing the best hockey of his 67s career lately. this bodes well for the playoffs.
  • Thomas Kiriakou was a scratch as a result of his head's encounter with Walchessen's shoulder on Friday but he was still involved in the game. He was behind the bench with the coaching staff.
  • It was good to see the Civic Centre at capacity for a 67s game.
  • And now it's time to get ready for the playoffs. Niagara will be a tough opponent. Good to see that the 67s had to work hard for their last win.
  • And on an alumni note, Jamie McGinn was called up again and had an assist on the lone Sharks goal in their 1 - 0 win over the Ducks. Well done!

More Pictures:
One of the post-goalie pile-up scrums.

Gibbons settling an account with Mignardi.

And that's the hat trick!

The seconds count down on the last regular season game of his career.

Killer shakes hands with Fronts and shares a word with Mavric Parks.

And now all that stuff is done and it's on to the playoffs.

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