August 13, 2009

And It's On to the Gold Round for Canada

Tyler Toffoli scored a goal and had two assists as Canada shut out the host Czech Republic 9 - 0 today in the final game in the preliminary round. If I have my numbers correct, Tyler Toffoli had the highest points on Team Canada with 3 goals and 5 assists with Tyler Seguin coming in second with 2 goals and 4 assists followed by John McFarland with 3 goals and 2 assists. These three OHLers scored 8 of the total 18 goals scored by Team Canada in the preliminary round.

Canada (3-0) will play Russia (3-0) for gold on Saturday at 11:00 ET.

Here's the link to Hockey Canada.

And here's TSN's coverage.

Bring home the gold boys!!


mike2006 said...

Valerie, I think your stats are correct... however, information of any kind from this tournament is very limited. No TV, no radio, no (or very little) media. what's up with that???

Valerie said...

Mike2006, I don't think this tournament is that big a deal outside of the Czech Republic. I remember trying to find out the dates for last year's tournament because we were thinking about timing our trip to Austria to coincide. When I emailed Hockey Canada in the late winter/early spring for the dates, I was advised that the tournament planners hadn't set the dates yet. It just might not make economic sense to send English-speaking commentators to broadcast these games back to Canada.

mike2006 said...

that does not explain:
1> a lack of statistical detail on the Hockey Canada site?
2> the lack of even the most basic media coverage (media, including your blog, is cobbling "briefs" from game summaries, and little else
3> the availability of players to the media.... not one quote or telephone conference

Radio and newspapers are giveing the score and maybe the scorers, but little else, and Hockey Canada is to blame for at least some of that!

Valerie said...

I can't argue with your points. It is rather disappointing that the coverage is pretty much whatever anyone can write from reading a game sheet. The Hockey Canada summary does have a few quotes from Boughner and Toffoli but hardly anything anyone would consider in-depth.

You should send Hockey Canada a note. I met a number of these folks when I volunteered for the WJHC here in Ottawa last winter and they are all a pretty approachable bunch. It may take a while to get a reply but I'm sure you'll get something.